Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Birthday Never Ends

Hey beautifuls!!! Don't forget today is the last day to enter my Progresso giveaway. Its super simple and there are 4 separate ways to win :).

I am back for a quick recap of by Birthweek celebration (which ended Saturday). Again, I just want to say that it was amazing and I want to share a few pics of some of my gifts and some from the activities on Saturday night.

I shall start with some gifts....

(shoes from my momma along with another pair and a blazer, I am also wearing the shoes in the pics below)

(a few gift cards to VS)

(amazing cookbook by one of the best bloggers ever and a mojito muddler for my fav drink)
(tall fleece pants from Old Navy, freaking love these!)

....I could go on and on about how gifts aren't really that important but come on, who doesn't love a good gift and why would I lie? hehe

Now pics of my peeps. My bestie and her sister in from Las Vegas before heading out...
We ate sushi first...

Then ate cake with chopsticks....
(until they brought plates and then charged us $20 for it!!!)

Then we headed to downtown Nashville for so good ole fashioned booty shaken just like the old days :)...
(Yes, that's a Jägermeister light flashing on my dress)
Oh my, what an amazing night filled with great memories! I love my friends <3. href="">recipe page soon so check back often :). Believe it or not between all this partying I have managed to whip up some yummy recipes.


CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I was totally against the whole Twilight thing, even waited for it to come out on DVD to watch it and then google pics of Robert (teehee). Never thought he was cute but after seeing the movie I think something possessed me. Anyone with me here? Something about that movie just makes him hot!!! I think its the build up of the sexual tension. I love the fact that there is nothing dirty going on in the first one. I hope the new stays the same :)

Who's excited for New Moon??? Anyone camping out to see it tonight or tomorrow??


  1. Stellar presents (looove Pioneer Woman/Ree Drummond's cookbook!!) and continued celebration!!

    I'm totally with you on your confession ;)

  2. Awww, what a wonderful birthday you had!

    Totally the same experience with the whole Twilight/RPat thing. I resisted everything related to it, until I saw the movie, and then I was a lost cause! ;) Seeing New Moon on Tuesday!

  3. Um girl... I had NO interested in Twilight and was like... what's the big deal with this Robert Pattison dude anyway? We finally gave in and rented Twilight... and wow... yeah - HOT! :) My sister is coming in this weekend and I'm using her as an excuse to rent it again AND go see New Moon! LOL

    Looks like you had fun! You looked gorgeous!!! :)

  4. Sushi makes the best birthday dinner!!! YOu looked absolutely gorg that night too! Those shoes are a perfect heel hight for us tall girs...although I've been known to rock some 5 inches just because :)

  5. It seems like your bday celebrations just keep going and going....I love it when that happens! :)

    Your friends & you = major hotties. Love it when that happens :)

    Hey girl if you have any recipes of mine you've made you want featured in a tribute post, send me the links. If not, no worries.


  6. I am with you on the Rob Patz!!! I actually just bought the first book and I can't put it down, I saw the movie awhile back but have been hearing non-stop how good the books are. I had Edward Cullen dreams all night long!!! Seriously my aunt and I have decided we want Edward's for ourselves :) I highly recommend the books!!!

  7. wait you seriously like Rob Patz? what are you like 16?? thats crazy!

    ok.. fine.. I finally decide to check it out too and twilight is on the way from Netflix.. hehe.

    one more time... Happy Birthday chica!! you looked totally gorgeous!

  8. I held off for a while on the Twilight band wagon too. I never finished New Moon but I do want to see the movie!

    $20 to bring you plates? Yowza!

    A bunch of hot ladies and a night out on the town? Boo YA!

  9. I am so glad you had a great birthday! I never watched Twilight until my friend let me borrow the movie and I fell in love with it. Shawn even liked it...although he has a hard time admitting it! I agree with everything you said about it and why it was so good. I can't wait to see New Moon. We have the week off for Thanksgiving so we might wait and go during the week to see it so it won't be so packed :)

  10. i am SO GLAD you had a good birthday - all you ladies are gorgeous and fabulous - those men are lucky to have ya!

    and yay for birthday presents! so much fun to be pampered, no? love you lady!!!

  11. PW's cookbook is a gift that's on my list this year!! And, luv a muddler!! I am always using the end of an ice cream scoop! Just went to PW book signing at Mall of American. It was the first time I have been in that mall for that many hours (6 total in line) and not shopped!! Whoa! -Chris Ann

  12. Just stumbled onto your bloggy and I love it :)

    I was the same way about Twilight. I thought the whole idea of it was so dumb and couldn't understand why EVERYONE thought Rob Pattinson was so hott. Read the books. Saw the movie. Now I get it. ha


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