Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Best Week Ever

So if you read my last post you know that I don't celebrate my Birthday but my Birthweek :). If you don't already do this its a must next time around! I have to say this has been the most amazing week I think I have ever had. Let me fill you in on some the festivities that started on Wednesday morning with my sweet sweet friend HEABS. First we hit up a free boot camp class at Lululemon. Here's us posing with the instructor...
Next we hit up Whole Foods where we had a run in with Keithey Poo (aka Keith Urban)...
Doesn't he look thrilled?

Then we sat down flustered with shaking and tried to eat our Hugh Jass (aka Huge Ass)....
we also tried to talk but still stunned from our run in we kept forgetting what we were saying :). After lunch Heather gave me the most awesomest massage ever!! Seriously Heabs, you are the best!! Amazing!! I love you!!

Then I went off to shop all greased up from my massage. I was every shops worst nightmare and thought for sure I would slid right in to that size 4!! haha Who was I kidding :).

On my actual Birthday (Thursday) I had another lunch date with a dear friend I met through blogging (seriously what would I do without you ladies?). Darling Kim had me over for a home cooked lunch and a play date with our kiddos. She cooked an amazing lunch for me! Here is just some of the yumminess...
(Roasted cauliflower and brussel sprouts, grilled chicken, butternut squash fries, salad)

My personal favorite part, lemon cake...
(we got excited and cut into it before Happy Birthday)
My slice...
When I got home from a fab lunch with Kim (thank you Kim!!) the man was already at home slaving away on dinner and dessert for me. He made grilled lamb chops with peaches and roasted veggies for dinner...
Dessert was a cookie topped brownie...
Honey thanks so much! I love you :)

My BFF Jenny also stopped by and brought me a homemade brownies...
Love her!

Then Gary Allan's daughter personally delivered our tickets to her fathers concert :) (she is my nieces best friend). This my favorite Gary Allan song and this one. You might have heard this one.

So we headed out for the concert. Making a stop at the world famous Tootsie's for a drink first...
(Being goofy)

Then we walked to the Ryman for the concert. Its a beautiful intimate venue...
Gary on stage..
Gary singing with Jack Ingram...
Jack sitting by us...
After the show with Gary Allan in his tour bus...
My niece and I after the show...
OK I will stop smothering you with pics now and all the good times I have had so far this week. But the week is not over and tonight is my BIG and final Birthday bash in down town Nashville. Check back for more Birthday fun :)!!!!!

P.S. Don't forget about my generous Progresso giveaway. You have until Thursday.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I don't care what anyone says but having GOOD friends really makes life better. I have always had "friends" but in the last year or so I feel like I have made real friends. Friends who reciprocate the friendship. All thanks to my blog :) I am forever grateful for all of you!! Life is not complete without good friends!


  1. Aww what a stellar birthday celebration!!

    Amen to your confession - here's to REAL FRIENDS!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Justine!!!!!! And I am sooo glad you had an amazing week. And I totally agree about friends, real friends, and I am thrilled for you that you have found true friendships!

  3. Aww what a great week. I feel the same way you do about friends. Blogging has been wonderful.

  4. Happy birthweek, lady! Looks like you did it up right, veggies, Keith Urban, deliciously moist lemon cake, amd more! You look beautiful and are radiating happiness. I completely agree about how having good friends enriches one's can actually extend one's life, too. Positive social lifes improve your health!

  5. Amen for good friends!

    I want to come to Kim's house for lunch, and how sweet of her to make you a lemon cake as I know you love them.

    Um, what are you doing always cooking for the Man. Looks like he does a pretty good job himself in the kitchen. :)

    Glad you had a wonderful birthday Justine. Love you!

  6. Happy belated birthday, Justine!!! Good friends really do make a huge difference in life! I've had more this past year as well, and my quality of life definitely feels better :)

  7. OMG, that really is the best week ever! So glad you had a wonderful birthweek!!!

  8. OMG what a fabulous birthday week, indeed! So much country love in this post, I just can't handle it. Love Songs About Rain, and also Smokerings in the Dark, and See if I Care. Big country fan!

    I am SO having a birthday week next year!

  9. What a great week and yes,totally agreed on the confession. I feel I've been blessed by blogging in that regard too :-)

    What, pray tell, is a COOKIE COVERED BROWNIE?!??!?! Aghhh sounds like two kinds of wonderful!

    Glad you had a great birthweek!


  10. Seriously? All these celebrity sitings in just one week? And just any week - your BIRTH WEEK?? The best week ever is right! So cool!

  11. sooooo cool! remember all these good times. memories are what keep us going and you are making great ones. i def. will do bday week in march :)

  12. Ah, Justine... It sounds like you have had a great birthday! If I lived near you I would for sure have lunch with you!!

    I always thought I had "ok" friends, but this year I have made so many amazing friends that I Really connect with so I completely know what you mean! Seriously....

    Have a good night!

  13. AHHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN - i think everyone should celebrate their birthweek too :)

    i love all the pics, and i would die if i had that many celeb sightings in a week! i am not a big country music gal, but the concert looks AWESOME!

    and you and the niece are adorable, and well, you are just adorable!

    happy day to YOU!

  14. It looks like you had such an amazing birthweek!


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