Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jumping On But Not Convinced

I am not usually one to fall into trends or jump on the bandwagon (you can hear the "but" coming from a mile away) but this time its a little different. I am sure most of you have seen this Raw Food Detox crap floating around and this whole food combining crock. I have to tell you I am pretty skeptical but I did jump on the band wagon yesterday. It really all makes my head spin and pulls my panties up my crack but I am going to give it a go only because I have a "special event" coming up in a few weeks and I want to be looking my best. I am not going to go into great detail about it because right now I only plan on doing it up until the event. I just wanted to for-warn because my eats are probably going to be a little wacky.

Breakfast yesterday pretty much lasted until lunch. I went to visit my guy "Gym", came home, ate an apple and then had this ginormous bowl of fruit...
After peeing 15 times from the watermelon the little one and I headed off to a free movie for kids at a local theater. Before going to the theater I picked up a huge bag of grapes and a few boxes of blueberries to smuggle in. I honestly think most of these moms use this time as an excuse to shove as much chocolate, candy, 120 oz Icees, and trans fat butter filled popcorn down their faces as possible. It made me feel good that the little one and I were content munching on blueberries and grapes :).

This was my lunch...
Can you see my 2 little homegrown green beans in there?
Followed by this...
Oat bran, coconut butter and the few chia seeds you see were an accident and a no no. Opps!!

Afternoon snack....
Those are romaine wraps, carrot sticks, broccoli and almond butter. Mmmm. I had more almond butter with the left over carrot sticks. Close up of the goodness..
After my snack I started getting ready for my girls night. This time it me and my other stay at home mama friend. We were first timers at a restaurant called Mad Donnas. We both started with some wine...
I ordered the Sweet potato enchilada with green beans....
Kim got the Thai curry salmon...
We shared and I totally broke my food combining rules. It was preplanned though.

We thought about staying for "Drag" bingo or maybe heading next door to the Lipstick Lounge but the party animals that we are we decided to go the grocery store...
Nothing like the produce aisle after a few drinks. Had a great time Kim!! We need to do it more often!

**EDITED TO ADD: Kim's hubby said this reminded him of us. I was laughing my ass off. You have to watch it...

This morning I slept in and I have been munching on fruit in between bathroom breaks. Heres my first bowl...

  • 1 whole peach
  • 1 giant banana
  • strawberries
  • grapes
CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I totally stare at other people carts and analyze them while I am at the grocery store. Watch out I might be looking at yours!! haha


  1. Your dinner sounds delicious! Glad you had a great time with your friend, not to mention, get wild and crazy in the produce aisle!

    I sometimes look in other peoples carts but then I feel bad. Yesterday though, this lady bought SO MUCH CEREAL!! Holy cow - I'm not exaggerating when I say she had probably 8 bags STUFFED with cereal.

  2. lol, hope it works!

    i also stare at other carts... :D

  3. Hey there gf!

    When I started eating healthy, I started checking out everyone's carts to see what they were buying. Especially when I see someone whoe's fit, I love to see what they eat. You can tell alot about a person just by what's in their grocery cart...haha!

    Glad you had a great time yesterday..your dinner looked amazing :D

  4. crazy ladies, late night snacking. lol
    good luck with the detox or whatever you are doing. i am so bad about rules and stuff i'm not sure i could ever stick with something like that. but i do love fruit so..........

  5. Mmm those carrot wraps are definitely something I need to try!

    Yum yum, that dinner looks delicious, and includes some of my favorite things-salmon, curry, sweet potatoes, and enchiladas! Oh wow that's a lot of favorite things, huh? And I've got more too...

    Haha, I totally stare too, and I thought it was just me who had that habit ;)

  6. I'm so glad I found your site! I love your breakfast recipes on Oh, and by the way...I totally stare at people's carts, too!!!

    Cheers! Joanna

  7. LOL, I do the *exact* same thing with people's grocery carts! I try not to make faces but I'm sure I do. Love your blog.

  8. I totally look at other peoples buggies too!

  9. This post totally had me cracking up.

    First, I totally check out other people's carts and TRY NOT to judge but you know how it goes.

    When first started reading the RFDD I ate a ton of watermelon (it's on sale!) and was peeing constantly even though I wasn't drinking any more water! I guess they don't call it WATERmelon for nothing.

    I think you will be surprised at how quickly you start to feel REALLY GOOD after just a few days following the program. I was. I'm not ready to go high raw but I am paying closer attention to food combining and am still eating more raw meals than I would have otherwise... it's all good.

  10. Hahah, guilty. I always analyze the groceries of the person in front of me at the check out line. Sometimes the "you are what you eat" cliche is very accurate, although not always. I suppose this is one more habit I need to break.

    I've tried a "raw day" before. I think the key is to plan ahead (you pretty much have to if you're doing the whole sprouting thing) and not try to go cold turkey. I'd never go 100% raw out of both preference and for health reasons, but I think a "high raw" diet is fine for most people and adding a little more raw foods to your diet can't be a bad thing!

  11. Hey Justine!!
    i think it's great you are trying new things; im not really into the whole "raw" movement, because i'm really into cooked things like oats or beans, but i do try to incorporate a lot of raw stuff like fruit and salads!!
    By the way i'm trying a combined approach to lose weight, somehing between the zone diet and food combining! i don't know how's the weight loss going but one sure has immproved: my diggestion! i used to be always bloated and IBS and stuff and i've been feeling really great lately. I usually have some kind of protein and a big salad for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is harder though...
    good luck :D

  12. Oh, I laughed so hard at your first paragraph. You are hilarious.

    Your carrot almond butter wraps have my mouth watering...even after the very filling dinner I just had.

    Oh, how I wish I could have been there with you and Kim. Looked like so much fun - you know I love going to the grocery store with my girls. :)

    Keep me posted on the food combining, and I hope your panties don't stay up your crack for too long.

  13. P.S. I totally analyze other people's carts. You should hear me at Costco. I mean does anyone really need 2 gallons of peanut oil?!?

  14. It's so funny you say that about grocery carts because I wrote a post about the EXACT same thing yesterday! Great minds think alike...

    I'm with you on the Raw Diet overload lately, but I would like to know more about the food combining if it would help my IBS. I just love my rice and oats and bread too much to break up with them...

  15. i totally analyze (aka judge) other people's carts too! i don't know if that makes me a bad person haha. i'm curious how the whole food combining thing makes you feel - let us know how it's going after a little while!

  16. I feel terrible about it but am ALWAYS looking at people's stuff when I am in line at the store...though am also aware that my stuff looks pretty weird (today's cart contained 4 bananas, 4 bags of spinach and 6 cans of bug spray!)

    Good luck with the food combining/raw- I am intrigued, but skeptical... ;) Looks delicious though! Anything promoting almond butter is awesome IMO.

  17. Hi there,
    I love your blog (found it from HEAB's blog), and I couldn't resist your challenge. The show on in the background of that picture is Guy Fieri's 'Big Bite.'

    BTW props to you for being a SHAM...hope to be one myself as I don't want to miss a thing! And your little one is adorable!

  18. Hehe...the first post of this post is so funny.
    I admit to trying lots of different trends (I'm a total follower), but I only stick with the ones that work for me. Green monsters? Yes. Only raw foods? Not so much. So, I totally support your experiment and I hope it has you feeling your best for your special event!


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