Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Update

Hey guys :). I am here to recap my relaxing weekend with some of my eats and activities. I will start with eats. Here are some of my snacks...
That is some delicious carrots and honey and a half drunk glass of frozen chocolate milk all enjoyed together after Friday nights dinner.
My ants were Saturdays post boat snack.

Most of my breakfasts have been fresh fruit "cereal"....

  • 1 peach
  • 1 banana
  • blueberries
  • almond milk
  • almond butter

  • lots of banana
  • 1 peach
  • strawberries
  • almond milk
  • almond butter
And fresh fruit on its own...
...while catching up on my shows :)

Lunches have been nice and carby with lots of salads...
Salad with fresh garden green beans and lots of guac "dressing" and a side of oats with coconut butter....
Talk about some healthy fats! The oats were sweetened to perfection with my new NuNaturals Stevia.

Salad with hummus "dressing", and an opened face grilled portabella mushroom sandwich on sprouted bread with slices of avo....
Mmmm. My favorite lunch of the weekend.

Dinners have consisted mostly of protein...
Big ole salad topped with chicken, portabella and lots of hot salsa.

That corn was pretty odd. Don't ya think...
Dessert has been mostly this...
73% Dark
83% Dark

I also made the man his first banana soft serve with raw chocolate sauce...

We also chilled on the lake. Just us and the little one...
And I tended to my garden...
I've got 3 of these babies!!

Hope everyone had a just as fun and relaxing weekend as I did. My detox/food combining is going great so far now that I have taken a few steps back.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: (sorry if there are any guys reading this) My bikini line is outta control!! The weird thing is it is only on one side. Even if I shave it you can still see it under the skin. Do any of you have any bikini line advice? Waxing? or other methods that have worked for you? Much appreciated!!!

P.S. Have any of you ever seen the show 1,000 Ways To Die? That shizzzz is cuhrayzeeeee!!!!


  1. I would kill for a boat trip on the water right now! It is 83 freaking degrees in my house, I think I'm going to melt.

    The only thing that works for my bikini line is waxing, I just wish it wasn't so expensive! I usually have to stick with just shaving unless we are going on vacation or something (when I can justify the splurge to wax). I have VERY thick, coarse, dark leg hair and I love the results from waxing.

  2. I love waxing. I get one every 4-6 weeks. It honestly makes it grow back less and slower... but if you shave it again it goes back to being annoying. I go to a place that's only $30 for brazil. Pretty good. You have to be careful though because sometimes the cheap places are sketchy... but it's worth it.

  3. Waxing - only thing that ever worked for me! Elan in Green Hills was always my favorite waxing joint. :)

    Glad the food combining is going a bit better, and I' totally jealous of all your lake days. It was chilly today in Colorado.

    Your favorite lunch of the weekend looked very similar to my favorite lunch of the weekend, but I had chips instead of bread.

    Yay - The Man celebrated Dairy Free ice-cream Day too. Good job!

  4. Your corn needs braces ;)

    Looks like you are doing well and are much happier now. YAY!!!

  5. I like the carby lunches/protein dinners idea :) Seems satisfying and balanced.
    Also love the fruit "cereal" idea! That is so original and could maybe satisfy my cereal infatuation.
    Oh the bikini line. Ugh. I just wax now because shaving is a nightmare.

  6. I love the ants! :)

    And dipping carrots in honey is something I like to do too! It's so yummy

    p.s. I wax my bikini line. I can't shave because it'll give me a rash, and that's no fun! Plus if you wax, the hairs will get finer over time and you won't have to worry about it as often. In fact, I also wax my armpits and it's I almost have no hairs there.

  7. Fresh fruit "cereal" is just a great idea! That was one of the hardest parts of the raw food diet for me... giving up cereal and oats. But I think this is a great solution to that!

    I've got beans in my garden too, and an acorn squash. Your winter squash there is a beauty!

  8. I would most certainly do some work on those b-nut squashs.

  9. What an awesome weekend :)

    I'm glad that the food combining has been a bit easier for you! I know what a mess I would be with it... I'd go nutso!

    Love your fresh fruit cereal :) and the big, beautiful salads!!!

  10. Carrots + honey?! Very interesting!! I used to do fries and honey so maybe I'd like carrots. OR sweet potato fries and honey - I may have to try that ;)

    I'm loving all of the weekend eats! I also have may-jah garden jealousy! Thanks to the crap MI weather, our garden is slacking big time.

  11. I am getting so many great ideas from you, although I'm still a bit confused by the fruit cereal. Is it just fruit with milk and nut butter? How do you make your oats to stay raw?

    At any rate, I am also jealous of the garden you got going on. I'm in Michigan too and everything's a couple weeks behind. I figure I'll have beans by Christmas...

  12. go waxing or go home!

    ummm this post was amazing - ALL your food looked so good, i contemplated licking my computer screen :)

    you and the lil' punkin and the hubs are too dang cute!

    i am LOVING that fruit cereal too! happy tuesday dear!

  13. Just thought I'd let you know I gave a little shout out for your blog today for my attempt at black bean turkey burgers.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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