Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kids These Days

Happy almost Friday!!! I Cant wait for the weekend. Nothing to exciting has happened to me the past couple of days so I will just try and do a quick not to boring recap of Wednesday and today. I feel like I should start off with this sweet pick of my little Puffin (yes, like the cereal)...
Wednesday after my jar oats and some unknown/forgotten morning snack I sat down for an everything salad...

  • napa cabbage
  • romaine
  • spinach
  • boiled broccoli
  • carrots
  • fresh garden tomatoes
  • tuna
  • coconut curried chickpeas
  • balsamic vinegar straight up
I love these kinda salads where you just use all the leftovers.

Later I made dark chocolate banana soft serve and strawberry soft serve for me....
and the little one...
I used UVAM to blend mine and a few spoonfuls of yogurt to blend hers. She was in soft serve heaven...
Watch it there girl your about to have a little slippage out the sides of that dress. God, I swear, kids these days!!!

For dinner we made BBQ kebab's and I had salad just as an excuse to have hummus.....
I didn't eat all the meat but returned for more veggie skewers. I added fresh peach to some of the skewers and man grilled peaches are my new fav!!!

Later I had this....
I went to the gym this morning for my 5am class and regretted every minute. We had a "sub" teacher because the normal one is outta town and man does she suck!! I think she was just winging the shit. Anyway, I went and got some blood drawn and then came home to this...
Oh Mr. Coco, you have been missed in more ways than one!!!

Snack wasn't very interesting but lunch was :)! My blogger BFF came to my house for the first time with hummus in hand and I supplied the rest....
My plate...
To much to explain.

We hung for a while and then had a photo op with little one in charge. Who needs eyes anyway???...
Heather, you have greatly influenced my child. She now has tattoos, pink hair and judging from the earlier pic thinks shes on spring break at mardi gras...
(just for clarification the only thing she picked up from HEABS is the pink hair)

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I absolutely cannot stand my childhood friends boyfriend!! He is such a loser and is milking her for everything she has!!! Nough said...


  1. Puffin is so cute! I love the name. :)

    Your little girl is adorable too.

  2. What a doll! I think she'll be okay, it looks as though she has some great role models in her life ;)

  3. Ha ha - every time I look at the picture, I start laughing - too funny.

    Justine, I had such a good time yesterday - lunch was yummy, and please tell The Man that I'm so sorry I ate all the leftover chicken. :)

    Your house if beautiful...and don't be surprised to find me napping on that Great Room couch someday.

    I'm going to miss you!!!!! Thank God for text messagaing!

  4. Love the pink hair! And the eyeless photo is fab... :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. i need some of that soft serve.. it looks totally yummy..

    the little one is once again.. a total cutie.. can't wait of us to get together again!

  6. That soft serve looks devine delish! How in the world did you make that? Please share ;)

    Your little one is a baby doll! Love the pic of you and Heather, you too look fabulous!

    I love grilled peaches too. Ever tried grilled mango? Yum!

  7. Haha...can I safely assume then that your childhood friend does not know about the blog?! ;)
    Everything salad looks good...did you have the napa cabbage raw? I didn't know you could do that!
    And strawberry soft that what I think it is?! Just banana soft serve but with frozen strawberries instead?
    Happy Almost Weekend!

  8. Kids these days is right!! ;) Love the picture of you and Heather! Sounds like a great lunch date!

    I would really like both the soft serve AND the coconut chickpeas! They sound fantastic! Grilled pineapples are also BUENO!

  9. This is my first time commenting on your blog, but I've stumbled upon it before. I love the confessions you have at the end. I believe that getting those things out some way or another is so healthy for the mind and soul.

    Your soft serves are missing vanilla flavor and then it would be a neapolitan!

    Coconut chickpeas?! YUMMY!!!! I usually just put coconut oil on mine, but a coconut curry chickpea dish sounds INCREDIBLE! And with that salad of yours.. it must've been so yummy :)

    Your daughter is absolutely adorable and has a smile that can light up the world. Girls got styleee and spunk. Take care, Justine!


  10. Leftovers in a salad are super delicious! Totally agree with you there :)

    Oh my gosh, the food you have it for Heather looks like the Whole Foods hot bar. Looks soooo good!!!

    Awww the pink hair is adorable!

  11. i love all the pink hair in this post :)

  12. That soft serve looks AMAZING! I'd be in heaven too. Glad you had fun with HEAB! She's so sweet. Haha the little one is very cute :)
    <3 jess

  13. Wow, does that soft-serve look tasty or what? How did you make it, if you don't mind me asking. I've tried out the infamous "banana soft serve", but chocolate? NOM NOM NOM.


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