Friday, February 27, 2009

Curse The Blended Grains!!!!!

......Ok not really..I still love them. So obviously I had a little mishap with the oats this morning. Instead of using the blender and having to clean it out I decided I would try the hand blender and instead clean that mess up. Brilliant idea if I may say so myself. Anyway, it was worth it, sorta, to get to this...Strawberry, banana, blended oats. In the microwave went 1/2 cup oats, small chunk of banana, and some plump ripe strawberries. Then into the blender it went with another plump strawberry, an egg white and some vanilla stevia. Then it went back into the micro. for 30 sec to thicken up. Sweet goodness in my mouth! I almost forgot I had a huge mess to clean up. Great start to a dreary, rainy day.

So rewind to last night and my healthy BBQ. Well the entire meal wasn't healthy but the BBQ definitely was! Bun and all for 250 calories per sandwich (even less for me bc I used a 50 cal. low carb tortilla). First, you just chop up 1 lb. of a lean steak in 3/4 inch cubes and place in a plastic container with lid or a Ziploc bag filled with 2 tbsp. whole wheat flour, 1/4 tsp. garlic powder and an 1/8 tsp. onion powder. Shake until equally covered and place in fridge for at least 15 min. Place in hot pan and brown on all sides for about 1 min.Then you add 2tbsp liquid smoke and 3/4 cup beef broth, bring to a boil, set heat to low and simmer for 1 hr. to 1 1/2 hrs. or until meat falls apart with pressure from fork.
During the last 5 min. or so of cooking the beef saute up some onions with Pam.

When the meat is done cooking take out and place in bowl. I always add some of the left over broth from the pan. Shred with forks or fingers if you wish. Then add your favorite BBQ sauce to your preferred wetness. I used a diff. one for the little one bc the man and mine is a little spicy. Try to use a low sugar, low cal one that doesn't have all the fake stuff in it. I used the whole foods brand. Its by far the best I have had and it only has 20 cals per serving.

Here's his plate. I made there fav. mac and cheese upon request for them.
I served theirs on Arnold's Sandwich Thins.Here's my plate. I wanted seconds so bad but I held off and saved it for lunch today.
No plans for the weekend. Maybe some much needed shopping. I think I have about $300 in gift cards that need to be spent.

Check out this great idea Abbie has for a blogger cookbook! I am gathering up recipes as we speak.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I have a phobia of restaurants. Its staring to get better but it did get to the point where I was almost having a panic attack when in them. I hate not knowing what they put in my food! I will never trust most of them! I think its sad how they deceive people with there ingredients. Why cant I just go out and get a piece of meat and veggies not smothered in oil, butter, or God knows what else they put on it??? Feel me?

P.S. Recipe coutesy of Clean Eating Magazine.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Creamy Almond Butter Goodness

Yesterday I wasn't feeling all that great and I had left my purse at my mom and dads when I went over for a run so I pretty much just lazied around the house the rest of the day and made some almond butter but we'll get to that in a few. Heather has been cooking the heck out of my protein crepes. She makes them look and I am sure taste, so much better than mine. What a great foodie imagination that girl has! Frankly, I was feeling a bit jealous so I had to whip out an old fav. of mine. Pumpkin protein pancakes (or crepes depending on how you cook them). They hit the spot but unfortunately they made me remember why I cut out dairy and whey powders again. Here's a little tutorial...
First mix 2 egg whites with 1/3 cup canned pumpkin. Beat with fork until well mixed. Then slowly add in while still mixing 1/2 scoop to a scoop vanilla protein powder. Then add spices and sweetener. I used vanilla stevia and cinnamon. If mixture seems to thick add a little water .
Next, pour into hot pam sprayed pan. I made one big one but you can make small ones if you like.
When edges start to cook, work spatula around to loosen and prepare to flip (this usually takes a seasoned pancake flipper)Let cook a short time an the other side.
Finally, flip onto plate and top as you please. I used a tablespoon of Naturally More (this was before I made almond butter). I am sure Heathers would be much prettier and not as blurry.After eating this scrumptious meal I decided I would try my had at making some almond butter. I measured up a cup of raw almond and then roasted them in the oven. I threw them hot right into the food processor and cranked that baby up. After about 5 min. of ear ringing loud noise my nuts were still kinda powdery so I added 1 tsp. of coconut oil and a few dashes of sea salt.

That 1 little teaspoon did the trick.
Didn't make very much. I wonder how many servings this is supposed to be?
Dinner was simple last night. Leftover moms lasagna for the man and little one and a chicken stir fry for me.

Today, despite waking up with a nose dripping literally like a faucet I hit the gym. It took me a while to get goin while I was there but man did it feel good when I really started sweating! Glad I went! For a mid morning snack I had a bowl of blended oats (Katie style) with tbsp. of my almond butter. Hit the spot.

And for lunch the little one had her first bowl of blended oats. Can you tell she likes them?No big plans for the rest of the day but I do have a great dinner planned for tonight. Its healthy clean, version of BBQ sandwiches. Cant wait to share tomorrow!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I think I enjoy reading other peoples blogs more than writing my own.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Am I Picture Crazy???

I did end up finding something to bake yesterday.....
......these cute little muffins. It was basically a whole wheat banana bread recipe from a magazine I had turned into muffins with just a few substitutions. They turned out well and are great warm, smeared guessed it PEANUT BUTTER.
I wasn't feeling well yesterday and didn't feel like making dinner, so when my parents called and asked if we wanted to go out for sushi you better believe I said yes. It was a new place in town so I was excited to try it. I started off with miso soup. It was good. Then on to seaweed salad. Yummy. When it was time to order our main course and I was already getting full so I just ordered the shrimp cocktail. Lets just say it looked and felt (slimy) so unappetizing I passed it up. The little one ate it and shes fine today so it must not have been that bad.

I was so angry this morning. My phone died when I was sleeping and my alarm didn't go off this morning! AGGGHHHH. That's twice this week I have missed. Anyway, my bowl of blended (Katie style)over night oats made me feel much better. Look at that steam..on the side I had an egg white omelet
I knew I needed to get some exercise in though or I would be depressed all day. So after gymnastics the little one and I went to my mom and dads for a run on the treadmill and so some Wii Fit. It was fun but I soon discovered that my little one decided to display her love of art and writing her name on the carpet upstairs in one of the bedrooms. Sorry mom and dad!!! When I got home I was ready for lunch. Butternut squash fries, brussel sprouts, and homemade chicken soup. Man this filled me up!!!
Dessert was 1 vitamin D and 2 chewable acidophilus.Oh and if anyone is out there check out theses giveaways from Hangry Pants and For The Love Of Oats.

Oh and Check out Katie's new and improved blog.

Oh and the follow up to an article I had posted earlier Can Vegetarians Build Muscle?

P.S. Desperate Housewives of Orange County Reunion last night was the greatest episode of all time. I so called it. You can see right through Gretchen!!! Nuf said...

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: My man and I are such reality show junkies that sometimes when they are showing previews for the next weeks show we high five each other in excitement. Hahaha. Hes gonna kill me. LOL

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Moms Lasagna 101

Yesterday afternoon I decided after cleaning up a little a would go ahead and make dinner. My man and little ones favorite recipe of mine. Bet you cant guess what it is??? Its so simple to make! First just brown the meat and drain. I used 1lb. extra lean ground beef but its also good with extra lean ground turkey.

While browning meat bring a large pot of water to boil. Then add whole wheat noodles and cook to package directions.
Then add I jar of your favorite pasta sauce and let simmer.Next mix together 1lb. of your favorite cottage cheese (any fat works well) and 1/3 to 1/2 cup any fat sour cream. I always opt for low or non fat varieties.
When noodles are done lightly spray bottom of baking pan and add 3 of the noodles.
Layer with half the meat mixture.
Half the mozzarella cheese (I just eyeball it. Use as much or as little as you like).Dollop on all the cottage cheese mixture.
Spread it out evenly.Then repeat with noodles, meat, and cheese. Cover with tin foil and bake for 30 min. in a 350 oven. Take out and eat and I promise you will not be disappointed. The little one had 3 helpings last night! She asked for a 4th but I told her she needed to rest her tummy! My throat was really hurting me and I wasn't very hungry so I unfroze some homemade chicken soup my mom had me and had that with a huge salad topped with hummus.
Later after dinner the little one announced she would be eating "cold basagna for breakfast".

I did make it to the gym this morning but my throat was really burning so my workout was kinda blah :(. I laid down for a bit when I got home and then got ready to go the dentist. Dun Dun Dah...........Man she killed my gums this time. Ouch! I was starving when I got home and my mouth was sore so I just quickly nuked a potato, heated up some soup and threw together a huge salad. Wish I would have had more time I am really craving butternut squash fries!! I see them in my near future...

Well the little one didn't have basagna for breakfast but she did have 2 helpings, cold for lunch.

Now off to tackle this mess and maybe cook up somethin sweet with all those bananas...I need some ideas....

I love going to the Dentist!!!!

Why Scales are for Suckers

Monday, February 23, 2009

Had an all around pretty good weekend. I had a little planned get together for Sat. night at our house so I did a little food prep Friday afternoon and a lot of cleaning. I don't have pics of all the stuff but I do have a pic of dessert. I made a Raspberry Brownie courtesy of Peanut Butter Boy (pics of the inside to come). I made it the day before because he said the longer it sits the better it gets. The blue sprinkles are an added touch from the little one and they just so happened to be blue raspberry flavored.

It was a great desert. The brownie was the best part though. Towards the end I found myself scraping of the sherbet to get to yummy fudge that had formed underneath. For dinner that night I made Lemon Artichoke Chicken courtesy of Clean Eating Magazine (love that magazine!).
It was really good. The man and the little one both gave it a stamp with there approval.

Saturday for lunch I had some of the leftover chicken and artichoke with some sugar snap peas, leftover sweet potato fries, and a low carb ww tortilla spread with some roasted pine nut hummus. I had a large snack before our friends arrived at 7 but I should have eaten something more because I ended up eating way to much!!!! It was all healthy snack stuff I put out but I way over did it. I always do this when I have a few drinks in me and the next morning I get so mad at myself! I even pulled out the desert again after everyone was gone. I ate so much that I woke up in the middle of the night because my stomach was hurting so bad. I thought I was gonna puke! Why do I do that???? When I woke up Sunday I was still full! I finally ate breakfast at about 11 and then we had to head to my mom and dads at 3 for a family dinner. I brought a huge salad. We had fun there. I didn't eat to much and I played on the Wii Fit for a long time with the kids.

This morning I woke up with a really sore throat so I skipped the gym (still feel guilty) and did some yoga at home. The little one and I then headed to Monkey Joes for a play date. She had so much fun but by the time we left I was starving! I came home and made myself an egg white omelet with ff feta, a salad, butternut squash soup and a low carb ww tortilla. Big lunch with not so big stats (about 300 cals) and it was pretty filling.Now I am just relaxing on the couch thinkin about trying those vitatops I bought the other day.......Mmmmm

WEEKEND CONFESSION: I had a great family dinner yesterday but it didn't go down without a hitch. There was some drama. Lets just say my family is pretty dysfunctional!! Still love em though!!!