Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Am I Picture Crazy???

I did end up finding something to bake yesterday.....
......these cute little muffins. It was basically a whole wheat banana bread recipe from a magazine I had turned into muffins with just a few substitutions. They turned out well and are great warm, smeared guessed it PEANUT BUTTER.
I wasn't feeling well yesterday and didn't feel like making dinner, so when my parents called and asked if we wanted to go out for sushi you better believe I said yes. It was a new place in town so I was excited to try it. I started off with miso soup. It was good. Then on to seaweed salad. Yummy. When it was time to order our main course and I was already getting full so I just ordered the shrimp cocktail. Lets just say it looked and felt (slimy) so unappetizing I passed it up. The little one ate it and shes fine today so it must not have been that bad.

I was so angry this morning. My phone died when I was sleeping and my alarm didn't go off this morning! AGGGHHHH. That's twice this week I have missed. Anyway, my bowl of blended (Katie style)over night oats made me feel much better. Look at that steam..on the side I had an egg white omelet
I knew I needed to get some exercise in though or I would be depressed all day. So after gymnastics the little one and I went to my mom and dads for a run on the treadmill and so some Wii Fit. It was fun but I soon discovered that my little one decided to display her love of art and writing her name on the carpet upstairs in one of the bedrooms. Sorry mom and dad!!! When I got home I was ready for lunch. Butternut squash fries, brussel sprouts, and homemade chicken soup. Man this filled me up!!!
Dessert was 1 vitamin D and 2 chewable acidophilus.Oh and if anyone is out there check out theses giveaways from Hangry Pants and For The Love Of Oats.

Oh and Check out Katie's new and improved blog.

Oh and the follow up to an article I had posted earlier Can Vegetarians Build Muscle?

P.S. Desperate Housewives of Orange County Reunion last night was the greatest episode of all time. I so called it. You can see right through Gretchen!!! Nuf said...

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: My man and I are such reality show junkies that sometimes when they are showing previews for the next weeks show we high five each other in excitement. Hahaha. Hes gonna kill me. LOL


  1. The muffins look fabulous! I am trying to collect recipes for a blogger cookbook, check out my last post for info. But these would be great in it!

  2. You are not a reality show junkie...I am: The Biggest Loser, Survivor, American Idol, Top Chef, The Bachelor, The Real World, and those are just the ones that are on right now!!

    I'm going to have fun reading and commenting on all your past posts, so be ready for it ;)

  3. I am!!!! We can gossip about them. I just realized you had commented on my old posts. I am still figuring this thing out. :)



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