Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Funday!!!

So today I woke up feeling better. Not 100% but better. I couldn't wait to hit the gym since I missed my lower body day on Sat. I did lots of squats, lunges, and dead lifts. I also ran stairs. It felt great! I didnt eat anything before I left because I didnt want to upset my stomach and also I was still full from Sun. night. I had some good lifts and increased my weight on a few things. When I got home I downed a protein shake then a hour later I had my usual egg whites and some pumpkin oats.

My mom took of work today and we headed out shopping early. I packed a chicken wrap and some carrots and grapes. After we hit a few shops we stopped at the park for the little one to play and we also ate our packed lunches. Another pretty day!! Oh, I also picked up this necklace. I had to it was 50% off!!, and it was made locally! Love it! Plus I have some earrings at home that match perfect.
Snack before dinner was a yummy bowl of Fage 0% with some strawberries and blueberries and a few tbls. of low carb strawberry pomegranate yogurt (my new fav.) for flava. Dinner was great but I have no pics. It consisted of some soy sauce and smokey flavor spray marinated chicken breast that was then grilled. Some pinneapple swiss chard and some greek quinoa salad. Sounds kinda fancy but it was very simple to throw together! Man I wish I had pics. I do have leftovers so maybe some pics soon but they wont be as pretty.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: My husband doesnt know I have a blog. Thats pretty much why I have no dinner pics. Hahaha :) (not that he would mind).

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