Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Thy Legs

So today I hit the gym and had I great workout! I wasn't going to go today but the cats woke me up so I figured Id go and just take the day off tomorrow. Today was legs, obviously, and I really kicked my own butt, literally. lol :). My workout was super sets of 3x10. The exercises were squats and bulgarian split squats, walking lunges and sumo dead lifts, jumping lunges and abs, then a few random machine things. I could barley walk when I left and the best part was that I was in and out in a hour. I really like working my legs and do it twice a week. When I arrived home I had half a rice cake with honey and an ice cold protein shake. Go Titans!!!! About a hour and a half later I downed some egg whites with broccoli and some fruit cobbler Irish oats. In the oats was some nuked frozen peaches and a spoon full of sugar free strawberry jam. It was lovely and I wish I had pic. but it would do the taste no justice.
I managed to spend to much money at grocery store today, not that its hard, but I got the essentials to cook up some yummy meals. I may go to the movies tonite with a friend or possibly go play some wii fit with the folks. We shall see.......

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I am addicted to high price jeans even though I cant really afford them . I will hoard money for months and then blow it all on one pair of jeans.


  1. A good pair of jeans is priceless in my opinion. Woo-hoo...Go Titans. We were so close this year.

  2. Heather, I don't even know you but I can already tell I like you! Thanks for coming by!! Your sweet.



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