Monday, February 16, 2009

The V-day Wrap Up

Valentines day was great!! Possibly the best eva. I started off my morning with a steaming bowl of chocolate protein oat bran. I gobbled it up while everyone else was still sleeping and then headed off to the gym for a full body beating. I had a great workout and really gave it my all since I knew I was in store for a few high cal treats. On the way home I stopped by my parents house to pick up the little one who stayed the night there Fri. (the man went off with his friends and I went to see Fri. the 13th with a friend). When I got home I made these beauties for me and man. His was topped with my favorite Valentines treat. Crumbled turtles. You know I had one to!

Our trip to Whole Foods was fabulous although it was packed! I couldn't even maneuver my cart around without getting stuck. We picked up crab and scallops as planned as well as a few other goodies I have had my eyes on. By this time it was lunch and you know we couldn't pass up there "gourmet buffet". We all grabbed an earth friendly tray and filled with our likings.
Top of my bowl
Bottom of my bowl

After returning home to drop off the goodies we headed to Marble Slab. All I can say is Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.................

Then instead of bowling we opted for a movie at the request of the little one.

Its was Coraline in 3D. Let me just say it was not like any other kids movie I had ever seen and not necessarily in a good way. One word "Creepy". The little one loved it though and was on the edge of her seat the entire time.

We headed home, relaxed a little then started dinner. I don't have pics of everything bc the man was wondering why I was taking so many pics of the food. Hahaha

We started off with salad. (Romaine, strawberries, olives, tomato, feta)

This is the blueberry Tarragon sauce for the scallopsSweet potato chips bc I had try out the new ketchup from Whole Foods
I also made Mac and Cheese and chicken for the little one and a baked potato for the man. Everything was great and I figured out that I am not a huge fan of tarragon. Of course we had more chocolate for dessert....

Sunday was a pretty lax day. This was my lunch

After that we all finally decided to shower. Then we headed to my parents to help them set up there new wii fit and of course we stayed to play. That was my exercise for the day. All in all it was a great weekend and although I splurged on Sat. I didn't fell bad at all the next day. I think I did a good job balancing (insert pat on the back).

CONFESSION OF THE WEEKEND: Although the man and I didn't get our alone time on the actual day of Valentines we did manage to fit it in. hehe. It was good weekend!! :)

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