Monday, February 23, 2009

Had an all around pretty good weekend. I had a little planned get together for Sat. night at our house so I did a little food prep Friday afternoon and a lot of cleaning. I don't have pics of all the stuff but I do have a pic of dessert. I made a Raspberry Brownie courtesy of Peanut Butter Boy (pics of the inside to come). I made it the day before because he said the longer it sits the better it gets. The blue sprinkles are an added touch from the little one and they just so happened to be blue raspberry flavored.

It was a great desert. The brownie was the best part though. Towards the end I found myself scraping of the sherbet to get to yummy fudge that had formed underneath. For dinner that night I made Lemon Artichoke Chicken courtesy of Clean Eating Magazine (love that magazine!).
It was really good. The man and the little one both gave it a stamp with there approval.

Saturday for lunch I had some of the leftover chicken and artichoke with some sugar snap peas, leftover sweet potato fries, and a low carb ww tortilla spread with some roasted pine nut hummus. I had a large snack before our friends arrived at 7 but I should have eaten something more because I ended up eating way to much!!!! It was all healthy snack stuff I put out but I way over did it. I always do this when I have a few drinks in me and the next morning I get so mad at myself! I even pulled out the desert again after everyone was gone. I ate so much that I woke up in the middle of the night because my stomach was hurting so bad. I thought I was gonna puke! Why do I do that???? When I woke up Sunday I was still full! I finally ate breakfast at about 11 and then we had to head to my mom and dads at 3 for a family dinner. I brought a huge salad. We had fun there. I didn't eat to much and I played on the Wii Fit for a long time with the kids.

This morning I woke up with a really sore throat so I skipped the gym (still feel guilty) and did some yoga at home. The little one and I then headed to Monkey Joes for a play date. She had so much fun but by the time we left I was starving! I came home and made myself an egg white omelet with ff feta, a salad, butternut squash soup and a low carb ww tortilla. Big lunch with not so big stats (about 300 cals) and it was pretty filling.Now I am just relaxing on the couch thinkin about trying those vitatops I bought the other day.......Mmmmm

WEEKEND CONFESSION: I had a great family dinner yesterday but it didn't go down without a hitch. There was some drama. Lets just say my family is pretty dysfunctional!! Still love em though!!!


  1. Love big filling meals that go light on the calories. Don't feel guilty about skipping the gym - at least you got in a little yoga.

    Vitatops...yum! Why are they so expensive?

  2. Family drama...I wouldn't know WHAT you are talking about ;)

    The biggest help for me in that department has been switching my focus from extended family to my own little unit. One day we'll be the old crazy ones, you know?

  3. Yea, I already figured Id be old and crazy judging from the gene pool. Im prepared. LOL



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