Monday, February 9, 2009

Chocolate Zuchinni Muffins

Most of the weekend was pretty uneventful and I hardly cooked because Fri. night I started getting sick and it was my stomach so I really didnt feel like eating much. It was basically a lot of shakes. I however did manage to whip up some muffins I promised the little one Fri. night before I got to sick. They turned out way better then I expected because I had to sub a lot of ingredients. Here they are...Yummy choc. zuchinni muffins

The texture was great. They were so thick. Almost like a cake like brownie. MMMmmmm
I also made these pancakes for the little one Sat. morning. I felt awful but she was so sweet when she asked. I couldnt refuse.
Again it was beautiful weather. Reached 70 Sat. and Sun. unfortunately I didnt get to enjoy it much Sat. but I had a great time Sun. Lots of walking and playing outside.

CONFESSION OF THE WEEKEND: Lets do I put this???? Well, I had a little binge last night. Not to sure what triggered it but I have a feeling it was because I didn't eat much all weekend bc of my stomach. Then last night I just felt better and started stuffing myself with food. I couldn't get full and I wanted sweat stuff. Not good!! I really need to figure out why I do this!

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