Friday, February 20, 2009

Cleaning and Grocery shopping...The story of my life...

Here's some of my meals from the other day..

Fage with blueberries and acorn squash with cinnamon and apricot jam

Dinner that night for me was an egg stir fry. Chicken, red pepper, onion, broccli, and soy sauce served over curly leaf spinach

Yesterday I was really busy! I hit the gym early and then came home and got the little and I ready to go to my moms to clean. Shes is paying me to clean her house which is great cause I always need extra cash and I know she needs help around the house. Anyway, that took me all day and by the time I got it was time to make dinner and I still hadn't showered ewwwwww!!! I did a quick rinse and then made some ww pancakes for the little and the man. We were seriously running low on food!! After the gym yesterday this was my breakfast. Egg white omelet with ff feta and salsa and a bowl of choc. oat bran that was reminiscent of the Cocoa Wheaties I ate as a kid. Yum!
Snack was a peanut butter banana omelet thanks to Peanut Butter Boy

This was dinner for the man and the little one. Pic doesn't do them justice. They were so thick and I added blueberries to some of them. They are made with ww flour and whole oats.

So I said I was low on food and I meant it. This was my breakfast this morning...Yes, thats chicken and BBQ suace...
Even though its not a good pic the star of the morning was the bowl of overnight blended oats. Overnight thanks to Fitnessista and Blended thanks to the CCV. They were yum-o (thanks to Rachel Ray) haha :)

After that I hit the road for an early morning grocery spree. I spent waaaaayyyyy to much...

Theres a lot of first timers making an appearance. Like the Vitatops, Tofu and Butternut squash soup. Hope there worth the price! I also got a lot of extra stuff because the man and I are having a get together tomorrow. We invited 3 couples over for some cocktails, snacks and good conversation. Oh and how could I forget this...

Simply thrown aside purely because of there looks. Why do they discriminate?? They may not be so aesthetically pleasing on the outside but they are perfectly untarnished and sweet on the inside. 9lbs. for $3 baby!!!!! Endless possibilities with these suckers! I see banana bread, pudding, pancakes, shakes and oats in my future. Now off to clean my house.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: My husband is going to kill me when he sees how much I spent at the store!! LOL

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