Friday, February 13, 2009

Sunshine Likes Pumpkin Butter Too

Yeaaaaa!! Its Friday. The only bad thing is that its Friday the 13th. Hopefully no bad luck for me or any one else for that matter. Ok, so first things first. I have to give Heather from a big THANK YOU for mentioning me in her lovely, yummy blog. So in the afternoon I have been really struggling with extra snacking. I just cant seem to stay full in the time after lunch and before dinner. Well, this definitely does the trick! I have had it before but with acorn squash. Unfortunately the squash was still baking in the oven and I couldn't wait any longer so I nuked a sweet potato (5 ounces) and topped it with vanilla stevia, cinnamon, 1/3 cup 2% cc, more cinnamon, and a generous spoon full of peanut butter. Man, this keeps me full for hours and its soooo good. I am not sure the cal count but I am guessing its somewhere between 250 and 300. After my snack my parents stopped by and decided they were going to take the little out for a few hours which was great for me because it gave me the chance to return that hideous lamp and run a few errands. While I was out I also picked up some Valentines for my sweeties. The man and I both got home a little late so I was rushing to make dinner. I quickly whipped up some spaghetti and some broccoli (which the man hates so more for me) with a Thai style peanut sauce. Its was amazing and I am sure the peanut butter boy would be proud. The broccoli was quickly boiled and the sauce consisted of 2 Tbsp water, 1 Tbsp natural pb, 1 Tbsp lime juice (i used lemon), dash of red pepper and salt and then drizzle over the cooked broccoli. I was also supposed to add 2 Tbsp crushed peanuts but I didn't have any so I used almonds. Is there a limit on how much broccoli one should eat in one sitting? cause if there is I defiantly passed it.

This morning is my off morning from the gym so I am going to just lazy around, do some house cleaning, start my little indoor garden, and maybe do some last minute V-day planning. Well now that I think about it maybe not so much relaxing.

I started off the morning with eggs and fruit cobbler oats.
And thanks to Heather I picked up some oat bran. I was going to wait till I ran out of all my other boxes of oats but I conveniently had a coupon so why pass it up for less than a dollar? Loved the texture of these babies! I added in some banana, vanilla pp, the last of my TJ's pumpkin butter :( ,and vanilla stevia. Its a keeper.

Tomorrow the plans aren't to fancy. Mostly just spending the day with the little one. My present is my man is taking me on a trip to Whole Foods to pick out our dinner. It will probably consist of some seafood. Maybe crab legs and scallops. YUM! We might even sit down for some lunch while we are there. Then off to do some family bowling. Hope the rest of my day is as good as it has been so far!!!

P.S. here's a few great articles for all you fitness loving chicks..

Hardcore At Home
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CONFESSION OF THE DAY: As the little one gets older its getting harder and harder to find "alone" time with the man. Hopefully we will find a way to fit some in this weekend. I am in need!! Hahaha


  1. Hey Justine, thanks for the shout out on your lovely blog, and I'm glad you enjoyed the oat bran. I hope you and your hubby get a little alone time in this weekend. Have fun at Whole Foods - what a great V-day gift!

  2. Oat bran is great! I love changing it up from regular oatmeal once in while. It is so much creamier! Hope you had a fun time at Whole Foods and found some yummy eats!


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