Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Virgin Yogi

So Mon. was pretty much the same as Sun. with the exception of me going to the packed as heck gym. Who knew everyone and their mom wanted to workout on Presidents Day. I did sleep in and go a lot later than usual though bc the man was home. I had an ok workout but when I got home I just felt like I needed more.....sooooo I know a lot of the girls from the blogs I read are huge fans of yoga so I decided to give it a whirl (no I have never done yoga. Pilates but not yoga). After tons of begging I got the hubby to join me :). I did the less is more 20 min. cardio routine from On Demand. It was a great workout and stretch for my muscles but I think maybe just a little to fast paced for beginners. I liked it and will defiantly be doing it again!

For dinner I cooked up this chicken asparagus bake. I wasn't feeling well so I opted for some plain baked chicken and steamed asparagus.
No gym today. I am feeling fine but it took me forever to get motivated to get up and going. I did another yoga video today only this time the little one joined me. It was one that focused on the legs and butt. Man my arse was burnin!! Lunch was a simple salad that consisted of hearts of romaine, chicken, tomatoes, ff feta, and a few steamed veggies that I made in my new steamer (a thoughtful gift from my man). On the side I had a huge bowl of oat bran sweetened with stevia. In other news I checked on my little indoor garden and guess what??????? My brussel sprouts sprouted!!!!! I was so excited that I called 3 people to tell them. Now lets just see how long it takes me to kill them. Hahaa.
Aren't those little sprouts precious? I think so. Well time to do more laundry, cleaning, and then figure out what to make for dinner and what to snack on here in a few....

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: Is it just me or do all stay at home moms feel like their day can be so monotonous and boring? I know I am very lucky to be able to stay home with my little one and I wouldn't change it for the world but sometimes I just fantasize about something more exciting. Maybe a flashy career or spending the day shopping and eating lunch with friends. Just being able to pick up and go as one pleases is one of those little luxuries people take for granted.


  1. Woah, so cool that you're growing b sprouts!

  2. Haha nothing I haven't seen before-- my whole family is omnivorous ;o)

    But I laughed at the clever description: x-rated for a vegan.


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