Friday, July 31, 2009

Fairy Fight Club

Where to start, where to start??? How bout yesterdays brekkie? The day before I picked up this cool find at the grocery store...
A banana Mango. Mmm, after my 5 am Y workout I knew it would be perfect addition to my fresh fruit cereal...

  • banana
  • apple
  • banana mango
  • almond milk
  • NuStevia (after pic)
  • cinnamon (after pic)
I just quickly want to say that the NuStevia White Stevia Powder is the best Stevia Powder I have had. When I first started using stevia it was in powdered form but it always kinda gave a funk taste afterward. Then liquid stevia came around and I never turned back, until now and this stuff is great!! I love sprinkling it on my fresh fruit cereals.

After brekkie, cleaning up, making the mans lunch, and showering the little one and myself, we got ready for the little ones "Princess/Fairy Party" at the local Barnes and Noble. She looked so sweet...
Queen and Princess...
With her Fairy friend and her Fairy friends Knight brother...
Man that party was outta control!! A word to the organizer, 30 children + 5 balloons = 25 mad kids, one of them being mine. Yes, her and another fairy engaged in a 5 min. tug of war with a balloon that refused to pop. Is it wrong that all I could do was laugh while the 2 fairies almost ripped each others wings off? The other mom wasn't to happy. Sorry lady, I found it rather entertaining :)

After lots of screaming kids, free vanilla wafers covered in frosting and M&M's, free Starbucks "fruit" smoothies, a scavenger hunt and 2 craft projects, I was ready to get the hell outta there. The bookstore was left in shambles. I feel for those employees on the real!!! Lunch was just what I needed..
Salad containing....
  • romaine
  • mushrooms
  • red pepper
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • summer squash
  • avo
and the last on my 15lb butternut squash in fry form :(

Later in the day I snacked on a few carrots with ab. Wasn't very hungry for dinner but made some anyway...
Its really not worth talking about except for the fact this was my first time using Nori...
The combo must have been off. I emptied out the insides on to my salad and tossed the Nori. Blehhhh!! To fishy tasting for what I put inside. What do you all put in your Nori?

Later I had some frozen chocolate milk. Hit the spot :)

I have worked out everyday except Sunday for the last 2 weeks and also done this whole raw/food combining detox to prepare for my husbands high school reunion tonight. I skipped the gym this morning (along with the next 2 day) and I think it was much deserved :). Woke up and had the usual...

  • extra juicy plum
  • peach
  • banana
  • grilled pineapple (leftovers)
  • almond milk
  • cinnamon (after pic)
  • NuStevia (after pic)
Since then I have also eaten part of an apple :). I have a busy day ahead of me. Got my pedi last night, hair appointment today at 2:00, headed for dinner around 4, happy hour from 6 to 7, reunion from 7 to 11 and then the real party starts :)!!!!

Hope everyone has an awesome and safe Friday night!!! Check back soon for reunion pics!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I am kinda excited to meet some of the mans exes tonight at his reunion :0. Cant wait to get a look at them!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5 Calorie Frozen Chocolate Bar, What????

Totally been craving chocolate lately. Heres some of my creations/recreations. Chocolate Chia Stuff....

Stick in fridge, let thicken, enjoy :)

5 Calorie Frozen Chocolate Bar...

Mix in a small bowl, cover and freeze. Then eat when frozen :)

Dinner last night...
BBQed pork tenderloin, sugar snap peas, and a salad w/ homemade dressing.

After the gym this morning I had a different twist on my fresh fruit "cereal". I present you with Banana Soft Serve Breakfast Sunday...
The only thing missing was a big heaping spoonful of nut butter :(

After breakfast and cleaning up the little one, me and my madre and padre headed to the Nashville Sounds minor league baseball game. On the way I ate my current fav sandwich...

  • Portabello mushroom
  • romaine
  • avo
  • red bell
  • Ezekiel
We had great seats a the game. Directly behind the back stop...
And a great view of the hotties in both dug outs...The little one got her wish of sugar laden, cotton candy...
Which somehow invoked another chocolate craving in me....
Properly combined? No. Good? Hell yes!!

My dad had his two favorite beers....
Shocktop and Blue Moon

He also had a heaping helping of "plaque" to add to his already 163 point cardiac calcium scoring. ...
Italian Sausage and other crap

Way to give that heart disease another head start.

The little one wasn't leaving without seeing "Ozzie" the mascot...
After a special request I came home and made Lasagna for the little one and the man. I made myself some "spaghetti"...
Now I am just chillin catching up on some shows and my tum tum is already starting to talk to me.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: The little one totally "walked in" on me and the man this morning!! First time this has happened and I think I am more traumatized then she is!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Combo Shmambo????

Hey guys :). Ugh, sorry I haven't posted. I had a great weekend but the last two days have been really suckie. My stomach started hurting yesterday morning and hasn't stopped since. I don't know if I had some bad combos or what?? Needless to say I haven't taken very many pics either. Here's some of my fresh fruit cereal...

  • bananas
  • peaches
  • strawberries
  • roasted ab
  • almond milk

  • huge banana
  • golden delicious apple
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • raw and roasted ab
  • almond milk
and one of my new favorite lunches...
the portabello/bella (idk the right way) and avocado sandwich on Ezekiel Bread. Just realized this meal is badly combined because of the hummus. Which is a bad combo within itself (nuts/starch), bleh. Anyway, I don't really know what I am going to do know eating wise. I felt good the first few days of combining but now its seems like I have been screwing up the combos and my stomach feels like hell. I honestly don't know what to eat anymore but I do know something is wrong in my gut especially after reading these articles: Fix Your Gut Fix Your Health, The Adrenal Glands: Nature's Roller Coaster or the Source of Your Fatigue? So I am pretty confused and I am actually starting to think becoming a BREATHARIN makes sense. Check it out, it only costs $10,000 or gold for a workshop. Who knows it might be fun living off nothing but air and purified water with the occasional 20oz Diet Coke and McDonald's double quarter pounder with cheese.

On to other things, I just received the new issue of Clean Eating Mag so except some yummy recipes soon. Oh, and I have Twitter so check me out yo!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: My husband and I want to move out of the state of Tennessee. Any suggestions??

Inspired By HEAB's random comment of the day: (me with bleaching tray in my mouth trying to talk to the little one) "I cant talk with this big thing in my mouth"

The man: "That's what she said"

He totally got me!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Update

Hey guys :). I am here to recap my relaxing weekend with some of my eats and activities. I will start with eats. Here are some of my snacks...
That is some delicious carrots and honey and a half drunk glass of frozen chocolate milk all enjoyed together after Friday nights dinner.
My ants were Saturdays post boat snack.

Most of my breakfasts have been fresh fruit "cereal"....

  • 1 peach
  • 1 banana
  • blueberries
  • almond milk
  • almond butter

  • lots of banana
  • 1 peach
  • strawberries
  • almond milk
  • almond butter
And fresh fruit on its own...
...while catching up on my shows :)

Lunches have been nice and carby with lots of salads...
Salad with fresh garden green beans and lots of guac "dressing" and a side of oats with coconut butter....
Talk about some healthy fats! The oats were sweetened to perfection with my new NuNaturals Stevia.

Salad with hummus "dressing", and an opened face grilled portabella mushroom sandwich on sprouted bread with slices of avo....
Mmmm. My favorite lunch of the weekend.

Dinners have consisted mostly of protein...
Big ole salad topped with chicken, portabella and lots of hot salsa.

That corn was pretty odd. Don't ya think...
Dessert has been mostly this...
73% Dark
83% Dark

I also made the man his first banana soft serve with raw chocolate sauce...

We also chilled on the lake. Just us and the little one...
And I tended to my garden...
I've got 3 of these babies!!

Hope everyone had a just as fun and relaxing weekend as I did. My detox/food combining is going great so far now that I have taken a few steps back.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: (sorry if there are any guys reading this) My bikini line is outta control!! The weird thing is it is only on one side. Even if I shave it you can still see it under the skin. Do any of you have any bikini line advice? Waxing? or other methods that have worked for you? Much appreciated!!!

P.S. Have any of you ever seen the show 1,000 Ways To Die? That shizzzz is cuhrayzeeeee!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mystery Solved

This post is kinda late but I had to wait until my a something substantial on my camera to show you.

From the last post, some of you had some really good guesses on my MYSTERY MEAL and some sucked. Nobody actually got it all right but I believe Alison from Mama's Weeds was the closest and Therese you are the only one who guessed honey and you are absolutely correct :). Anyway, Alison shoot me an email with your address and ya da ya da and I will send you a jar of pb of ab, your choice.

The MYSTERY MEAL actually contained...
  • oat bran
  • avocado
  • honey
  • stevia
  • corn
It was meant to be a sweet concoction but turned out savory. I added a pinch of salt and it was just like a creamy avocado soup. Weird I know.

I know this is a lot of writing and not so many pics but just bear with me. K? So as most of you know I started the whole raw food detox crap, well I did great the first few days but then as I tend to do I starting getting a little obsessive. Unlike Natalia says I jumped in way to fast instead of taking baby steps. I started googling the hell out of food combining and I got really overwhelmed and restrictive. I almost broke down and gave it up but after talking to a few very sweet and lovely ladies from blog land I decided I would stick with it and just take a few steps back.

I am not going to post any of my food from yesterday because it was really random and all over the place. Ok I lied, I will post a pic of the raw corn Spongebob and I shared...
I usually take Fridays off from the gym but I wanted some extra exercise since I have an event next Friday so I hit that sucker up this morning. When I came home I feasted on fruit...
There was more than this involved later in the morning. I then meet up with a friend for lunch at Whole Food about 30 miles away. Lunch was spectacular and I stuck with the starch theme....

  • 3 kinds of hummus
  • carrots
  • tomatoes
  • cucumber and tomato salad
  • chickpeas
  • Cajun sweet potato fries
  • broccoli
  • squash
  • peppers
  • green beans
  • spinach and romaine
and some Kombucha...
Call me crazy but I think I prefer the plain flavor.

We then hit up my favorite mall for about 4 hours of hard core sale shopping. I snagged a $140 dress for $20. Dress, shoes and necklace for a little under $100.

The little one and my childhood BFF...
After shopping I had a couple of spoon fulls of almond butter in the car.

For dinner I made what I wanted. Raw pasta and raw marinara, side salad...
and small, juicy, organic, free range, slightly pink steak...
Mmmm. I heart meat :)

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: When I was little I had an imaginary friend named "Cooley Bear"