Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Tribute To The Butttttah.....

Coconut Butter, that is.

Everyone should know by now that Artisana's Coconut Butter is just one of the awesome things up for grabs in my 100th post giveaway. Before discovering coconut butter I didn't even like coconut! I loved the smell and could handle the flavor but the actual coconut itself made me want to gag, blahhh! If I took a bite of something that contained coconut it straight from my mouth into the garbage (or my hand if no trash was near). Now, I am in the love with the stuff! Especially coconut butter. I honestly wish I could give everyone a jar just to try it out.

For me, I have enjoyed this sacred buttaahh best in my oats. Check out the combos...
Above is my Dark Chocolate Cocoa Oats topped with a melty icing of coconut butter. Is it breakfast or dessert you ask? Mmmmm, I say both!!
Above is my Carrot Cake Oats. It has shredded carrots cooked in as well as some on top and then slathered in the buttah. Add raisins, nuts, or whatever pleases your palate.
The above ended up being my dinner last night. It is Key Lime Oats again topped with the buttah. The bowl of oats was inspired by my brave friend Heather. It just simply contains fresh squeezed lime juice before the cooking process and then some after.
Coconut butter also marries well with any other butter that you can imagine. The above pic contains the buttah along with some almond butter. You should be salivating by now!
I have also enjoyed it in everyones favorite bowl!!

Does it end there? Nope. I have also enjoyed it in my Lactose Free Cottage Cheese....
It hardens when it hits something cold. It was like eating little coconut chips. *making slurping sound*

You can also use it in place of any other nut butter. Above is a coconut butter and TJs low sugar strawberry jelly sandwich. To sum it up in one word...AMAZING!!!

I am sure if you use your imagination you can find endless ways to use this sacred buttah. If you just cant wait any longer and need some buttah in your life now check out the Artisana website for links to sites where you can place an order. My advice is to search around because prices vary.

Don't forget the contest ends Friday at midnight. I have family coming into town for the holiday weekend so I might not be able to announce the winner until Sunday so just keep checking back. Thanks everyone who has entered so far. I am loving reading all of your confessions and favorite breakfasts!!

If I don't make it back tomorrow, have a wonderful, safe and responsible 4th of July weekend!!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: Have you ever had someone want to be exactly like you? Well I have!! The little one. God bless her. She wants to, eat like me, dress like me, talk like me, walk like me, and follow on my heals 24/7. She wont even go to bed unless we are wearing extremely similar pajamas! I love it and its so sweet at times but at other times I am just like, gesh!! Lay off a little!! Sometimes mama needs some space!


  1. Tjat stuff is like a gift from the gods!!

  2. I love all the variations! Dessert for breakfast is A-okay in my book!

  3. Hi Justine! Whoa, love that meltiness on the oats.

    Yeah, cashews used to scare me too, but I'm trying to get over. It tastes so creamy and yummy though, I get over it quickly ;). Thanks for the good luck! I need to find my own jar of coconut butter, so I can have a hefty supply on hand. I haven't tried it before, but I'm sure I'll like it--thanks for the fabulous review. You have a great variety of oats going on there. Hehe I see you've joined in the jar-bowl bandwagon. Must check that out too!

    Love this confession! Awww your daughter is so sweet! Hope you have a great holiday too :D

  4. Ok I must find this coconut buttah!

  5. I want that coconut butter so badly!!!
    It looks AMAZING!
    <3 jess

  6. I was salivating over the first bowl. I'm trying to make my jar last as long as possible. I just ate my weight in oatgurt.

  7. Looks so good! The closest I have been able to find is a block of creamed coconut- can't wait till I go to NY in October!

    Enjoy your weekend Justine!

  8. Definitely trying the carrot cake oats, SOON!!!! I'm thinking raisins and walnuts will be the perfect addition! :)

    And love your "Confession of the day", your daughter sounds adorable!


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