Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Your Typical Baby Shower & 100th Post Giveaway!!!

This is it guys your chance to win some of my favorite things!!! But first....

I have had a crazy busy weekend preparing for my friends White Trash Baby Bash aka baby shower. The man was outta town so the little one and I had fun filled girls only weekend. We stayed up late all weekend long and hung out at my friends house down the road (the preggers one). There was lots chocolate and a little bit of wine involved pretty much all weekend long. I didn't take many pics but for the 3rd post in row I got to eat outta everybody's favorite bowl...
This bowl contained chia seeds and berries.

I have now polished off Kroger Creamy PB, Kroger Crunchy PB, and TJs Crunchy AB. MMmmm

So on to the White Trash Baby Bash. You would have to know my BFF to understand the theme behind this baby shower. There is honestly no one in this world like her. She is a very unconventional girl with a very unconventional since of humor (its almost sick). haha

I will just show some pics. Don't try to understand....
Here's some of the spread. Gotta have that Nascar!!!

My poo poo vegan cupcakes which by the way I think I found a perfect recipe!!

My dirty diaper chocolate cake.
Not pictured was a beautifully yellowed pee pee punch.

The guests all had to where tags with dirty names. I think someone slipped her an extra one...
We played 2 games. One was a dirty diaper game where guests had to sniff melted candy bar filled diapers and try and decided which brown melty chocolate was gracing the diaper they were holding. Here's some pics of the guests sniffing the dirty diapers...
We also played a game where the mommy to be picked 3 guests to race eating chocolate rocky road ice cream out of a diaper...Some of our guests (some in their finest white trash attire)...
There was also some crazy guy in a diaper...
The mommy to be had a great time. Here she is opening some gifts...
She was really feeling it after the party...
Enough of that craziness. Onto my giveaway!!! Wanna know whats up for grabs? Here ya go...
1 box of Kroger oat bran (my fav.), 1 jar of Kroger Natural Smooth Peanut Butter, 1 jar of Kroger Natural Crunchy and 1 jar of my new obsession, Artisana Coconut Butter!!!!! Don't worry you wont be getting my half eatin jar. I will have a brand new 8oz jar sent to the winners house!!!

How to enter you ask? If you have a bloggie link back to this post and then let me know in a comment below. If you don't have a blog (Kim and Liz) just leave me a comment telling me what your favorite breakfast is.

*For all you with a blog earn an extra entry by leaving a Confession Of The Day after one of your posts and let me know by email.

Contest will close Friday at midnight.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I used to be such a stickler about going to a restaurant. As a result many of friends do not ask me out to eat anymore because they think I refuse to go. This may have been true at one point but I like to think I am no longer that person. Even if I don't eat I would never pass up good convo. with friends!!!


  1. Favorite breakfast? Crunchy PB and banana on nearly burnt toast. That could also qualify as a favorite lunch or dinner... Mmmmm!

  2. Hey Justine. First I wanted to say your house looks beautiful ( I was peeking through your shower pics) Although your house is much bigger than mine...we have almost the same granite, the same wall color, and kitchen cabinets. How funny is that??? Because of you Shawn and I are now enjoying oatbran smoothies in the morning with a variety of fruits thrown in. It's a new favorite!!!

  3. looks like the shower was a ton of fun.. the preggo mama is gorgeous.. i miss being pregnant.. (HA not really)
    and are you supposed to be dressed like white trash? FAIL..
    and you know my fav. breakfast.. cheerios and fruit baby!!

  4. hahaha that's got to be the funniest shower i've ever seen!! i now have a ton of ideas in case i ever throw one to my pregger friends! thnx justine ;)

  5. Favorite breakfast - Greek parfait, hands down :) I'll be linking back in my next post!

    I LOVE the theme for that shower!! That's hilarious!

  6. Can I join the comp being from the other side of the world? Ah..I'll link you in tomorrow's post anyway :D Best brekkie - oats, whey protein, milk and a huge dollop of almond butter yum!

    Love the baby funny!!

  7. Hilarious Justine - definitely not your typical shower, but sounds like a blast. I loved it! If CD and I ever have kids - you're on shower duty, K?

    Many congrats on your 100th post! So exciting about your giveaway. I'll totally link to you in my next post. :)

  8. I had eggbeaters with mozzerella on top and a Thomas' English muffin for breakfast.

    I've been following your blog for a couple of weeks and have enjoyed reading your posts.

    I love the baby shower, perfect! Very creative too... :o)

    Posted a blog about this on mine... here is the link:

    I also did my confession there too because it was very fitting to the picture I used. LOL! Hope that is ok! :o)

  9. Wahahahaha! That loooks like TONS of fun! I'm always in for a good poopy fun!
    And yeah, I go through PBs and ABs by the jars in a week!

  10. ROTFLMAO!!! OMG, that looks like the most fun baby shower ever!!

    My fave breakfast is a parfait of frozen blueberries, yogurt/cottage cheese, and cereal. Healthy, refreshing, and so close to dessert.

    Thanks for running this giveaway! Those prizes look scrumptious!

  11. Hey Justine! You know, I’ve had trouble making comments on your blog lately. The other day I kept trying to comment and it wouldn’t let me so I eventually gave up. I wanted to tell you how much I liked you hummus on sweet potato idea!!

    All the oats in a jar look fantastic. Its only way to eat oats hey?!

    I love the poo poo vegan cupcakes! I bet they tasted awesome. And I actually think they look pretty tasty despite being poo-like. Does this make me weird?

    LOL @ the dirty diaper cake. I think that one looks a little less appetising…

    Those games sound like such fun! It’s pretty funny to see pictures of women sniffing diapers!

    When I make outgurt I use 500g of oat groats which I’ve found lasts me a little over a week! I’m loving it – it keeps my full like nothing else. I think its because it quite calorific, but my body definitely appreciates being full in the morning. Also, I think your idea about buying and returning a dress is genius! But I’d be too nervous to do the returning part!

  12. I love the shower scene! I write about trends in the party industry and right now in certain parts of the country, redneck wedding and baby showers are all the rage--complete with camo veils, trailer tot clothes and fake roadkill. Lovely!

    As for breakfast, I love either Greek yogurt with AB and banana mixed in with shredded wheat on the side or a big bowl of oatmeal, soymilk, banana and AB. Or Amy's pizza, but I digress...

    I'll link you on my next post!

  13. Hey Justine. That shower is how we do it in the south!! So cute. Non so healthy breakfast would be chocolate chip pancakes and healthy would be yogurt, cottage cheese, pb mixture with cereal add-ins. Have a great day!

  14. Oh my. This is hilarious! You got so creative with your games and food! Wow. Sounds like a fun lady! How did you do the diaper cake?! I didn't know they made cake tins like that!

  15. Pancakes anything, squished banana inside annnything I'm always looking for good recipes , and if i'm in a crazy rush pb2 on a ww English muffin does the trick!

  16. congrats on the 100 posts!

    that baby shower looks like SO much fun! I love the ice cream eating contest.

    i so want to try that coconut butter and that kroger oatbran is my favorite too :)

  17. confession of the day:

    i used to separate my m&m's by color and eat them in order of my favorites - brown goes first, green is last :)

  18. my favourite breakfast is >>> A BIG O GLASS OF GREEN SMOOTHIE. LOVE!!

  19. Love the baby shower, so creative! My favorite breakfast is a green monster smoothie. Soo good.

  20. My favorite breakfast is cinnamon raisin banana steel cut oats with almond butter! Mm!

  21. Favorite breakfast by far: oatbran with fruit mixed in and a glob of nut butter on top! Yum!

  22. Omg, love artisana!! What a day I picked to find your blog!!

  23. What a great giveaway! My absolute favorite breakfast is banana oatmeal. Soooo good! But I bet it would be even better with coconut butter!! (hint, hint)

  24. peanut butter and jelly oats--your giveaway would make the perfect bowl! and ive never tried coconut butter before! thanks for the giveaway Justine


  25. Ooooh I love this stuff. I'm linking you back (! My favourite breakfast is a PB & J smoothie... 2 bananas, water, PBU, chia seeds and strawberries. Looks like me and Kristen think alike ;)

  26. omg baby showers are the cutest parties ever!

    i will link back on my post tonight andleave a confession too!


  27. Happy 100th post! It looks like your baby shower theme was too cute - i love baby showers! Im linking you back to my blog (, and ill be mentioning you later on today in my newest post. Ill definatly keep reading.

    Michal : )

  28. Congrats! My favorite breakfast is two kashi waffles with toasted with almond butter and jelly, eaten like a sandwich

  29. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! i'm no where near the "baby shower" part of my life, but i'm taking notes for the future ;)

  30. omigosh!! the artisana coconut butter PLEASE!!

  31. i forgot to say, my favorite breakfast is banana pumpkin cinnamon almond oatmeal :D

  32. My favorite breakfast is either kashi cereal with rice milk or my homemade bread with jelly and butter. I'd love to be a winner!!!

  33. Favorite breakfast: a smoothie with spinach, plus a piece of whole grain toast with sunflower seed butter.

    I linked back here from my blog:

    That baby shower was hilarious!!

  34. That baby shower looks like fun! What a creative cake! haha

    Cool giveaway! we have a kroger, but I have never tried their nut butters!

  35. I loved that baby shower theme! Now I have to find someone to throw one for! hehe

    For breakfast, I love a green monster smoothie and a big hot cup of Caribou coffee. If I'm in the mood for something to munch on- it's definatly french toast using raisin bread from panera!

    Linked ya to my blog!

  36. what a cool party- you should be an event planner! I'll be hitting you up for ideas next time there is an occasion!

    Linked back:

    favourite breakfast...hard to pick (I could eat breakfast at every meal!) but my latest/current obsession is cooked oats swirled into cherry fage twin pot, lots of blueberries and topped with almond butter!

  37. My FAVORITE breakfast is a bowl of cereal with fruit and almond milk. On an average morning I mix about 7 different cereals. As most cereal lovers know, taste, texture, milk absorbtion rate are all key factors in creating the perfect bowl. Yum!!

  38. Kashi Go-Lean crunch with sliced strawberries, a sprinkle of raw cocoa, and skim milk, with a cup of green tea. Delicious!

  39. my favorite breakfast makes me happy just thinking of it! :D
    handful eac of pb + cinnamon puffins, applesauce pouch, pumpkin, banana, buttload of spices, and peanut butter. all served in my watermelon bowl. perfection!

  40. May Canadians enter? My favourite breakfast is French toast with strawberries.

    Congratulations on 100 posts!

  41. Teeheehee! The baby shower looked very fun! I'm in the process of planning my sister's bachelorette party. I need to think of something fun like this one :) Yay for 100th post!

  42. my absolute fave breakfast is greek yogurt (oatmeal in the winter) &granola&pb. Or, if I am at a's totally french toast!

  43. My favorite is a plain bowl of steelcut oatmeal with splenda and some soymilk. I love it when the soymilk gets deliciously sweet because of the splenda!

  44. I forgot to mention my favorite breakfast: oat bran with almond butter. Surprise. :)

  45. hahahaa what a hilarious looking party!

    My fave breakfast is BY FAR French toast!! But for an everyday type of meal, it would definitely be custard oatmeal mixed w/ PB and topped with granola.

    Congrats on your 100th post!

  46. Excellent party! Your cupcakes look great...:0)
    fave brek-anything including fruit,oats and a nut butter of sorts!")

  47. Favorite breakfast? Easily pumpkin oats topped with natural PB or AB, a little maple syrup, and some blueberries...mmmm....

  48. LOVE the white trash baby bash! That's totally something my friends would do!

    My favorite breakfast lately is a green monster smoothie with dry oats added in - the oats are what really "make" it! :)


  49. Hi Justine,
    I've linked this post to my blog. Congrat's on your 100th post :)

  50. Hi Justine,

    I just discovered your blog and think it's great!
    My favourite breakfast are Weetabix (bran biscuits) prepared with hot water and a little bit of unsweetended coconut cream.


  51. Ooh that shower looked so much fun! The diaper cake was a great idea.

    A giveway? With coconut butter AND oatbran AND PB?!Count me in!

    Favorite breakfast...there's so much to choose from, so I'm gonna cheat and give you 3 answers ;p:
    ''International'' breakfast: Cong You Bing (Chinese pancake made with dough and green onions.) Crispy and very flavorful, here a picture in case you don't know what it is!
    ''Unhealthy Breakfast'': Blueberry scones + Black Coffee =) (Crunchy outside and Fluffy inside!)
    ''Healthy Breakfast'': Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal (Pumkin + Raisin + Spices :D)

  52. That is the funniest baby shower ever!

  53. aww, looks like such a great/fun shower!! looovin the theme :) and the soon-to-be mom looks super gorgeous! I hope I look that good when i'm pregnant!

    I dont have a blog anymore but i do have a favorite breakfast :) BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE!! Frozen banana, berries, spinach, raw cocoa, protein powder, almond milk, and peanut butter. dessert+veggies= breakfast from heaven!

  54. mmm coconut butter is so good!

    my favorite breakfast is fage 2% with kashi golean crunch, a banana, and lots of peanut butter!

  55. Wonderful giveaway! I've never tried any of those items. I don't have a blog but would love to be entered!

    My favorite breakfast would be chia oats with banana and flax mixed in and a huge spoonful of peanut butter! Yum.

  56. My favorite breakfast would be a green smoothie with a scoop of almond butter and some chia and flax seeds.

  57. my favorite breakfast is any kind of hot cereal, with hemp milk, banana, and nut butter. perfection :)

  58. Who can pick just one favorite breakfast!? :)

    My current favorite breakfast is an egg over easy with canadian bacon and chili garlic sauce on a sandwich thin, a glass of milk and some fresh fruit on the side.

  59. Love the shower pics, looks like you had a fun time planning it!! Very creative!!

    My favorite breakfast is grape nuts with Vanilla Soy Milk, warmed in the micro for about 30 seconds & topped with fresh fruit!

  60. your favorites sound delish! my favorite breakfast...that's a tough one because breakfast might just be my favorite meal of the day! i love oats, but i also love yogurt - probably because i can be creative with mixins for both :)

    i've linked back to this post:

    thanks for the great giveaway!

  61. Oh, and my new favorite breakfast is oat bran with ABU (almond butter blended with chocolate soy milk). MMMM :D

  62. my favourite breakfast would have to be oatmeal with a banana and some almond butter

  63. Fave breakfast? Cereal! I know, but it's delicious!

  64. I linked back here :):

    Thank you!

  65. Congrats on your 100th post! I posted a link about this on my blog. Here it is:

    And just for fun, my favorite breakfast is mushed banana on toast (maybe with some pb, honey and cinnamon thrown in!)

  66. My favorite breakfast: frozen strawberry smoothie with chocolate protein powder, mega greens, chia seeds, omega-3 oils, probiotics, Vitamin C powder...and a few ice cubes...blend it...and take it with my multivitamin.... I'm powered up for the day!!!! (

    I want to try the coconut butter in a big way!!

    -Vicki T.

  67. I am a little late to this... but girl, I am drooling over that coconut butter! And that is MY favorite oat bran, too!!!!!!!! I want it! :)

    My favorite breakfast is anything with oat bran, obviously! Oat bran pancakes, oat bran with peanut butter, oat bran with almond butter, mixed with egg whites, oat bran muffins... chocolate oat bran :) I love it!

  68. Hey Justine! Awesome blogspot! I'm new to the blogging world...and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading yours!

    I put a link to this post in my blog today..I'd love to try out your giveaway products...they look fabulous!

  69. Hey Justine,

    this is my first time checking out your blog. Your baby shower skills... man ;)

    My favorite breakfast is whatever i get that my husband would make for me ;) waiting for it right now btw

  70. Justine,
    My favorite all time breakfast is Oatmeal, with Almond Butter, Agave, and a sprinkle of coconut! Yummalicious!

  71. My favourite breakfast is oatmeal with nuts and raisins, with a big jar of diluted vanilla soy milk!

  72. That baby shower sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!

    I'll link back in my post tonight!

    <3 jess

  73. I linked back too!

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