Monday, June 22, 2009


So after returning from The Best Vaca Evaaaaa!!! I totally needed to detoxify. There was no way I was stepping on the scale for at least 5 days. I haven't taken tons of pics of my food lately but here is some of the yummy detoxifying eats I have had in the last 6 days since returning...
Love that Annie's Gingerly Vinaigrette. Super YUM!!and man did I miss my squash and sweet potato fries!!! Lots of green salads and veg. I also consumed plenty of greenish smoothies...
And you know I love my oats...
That's a dark chocolate oat bran topped with Artisanas Cacoa Bliss. Heaven!!!! I have also made the oatgurt (fermented oats) from Heathers recent post. Here they are after blending but before fermentation..
This is them after fermentation...
I really think I let mine ferment to long. The smell was super sour!!! and the taste pretty strong. The first time I ate them I added lots of extra water and heated them in the micro. for about 1 1/2 min. They were super thick and creamy. I then topped them with crunchy and smooth peanut butter. Man this stuff kept me full for hours and hours!!!!
I also tried them cold once with chia seeds, lots of mashed bananas and cinnamon...
I definitely preferred the heated bowl!! From what I have read heating the fermented oats does not lessen the nutritional value. If you are wondering why people would ferment their oats click here and read the section under "Whole Grains". Its pretty interesting :)

For Fathers Day yesterday the man, little one and I got up early and headed to my mans favorite breakfast spot, Cracker Barrel. I planned on not eating (I had fermented oats about 3 hours before) but I caved on the biscuits. Shit, I am only human. I had three of those babies with lots of apple butter and jelly.

I also made a big dinner and recreated a dessert from one of our fav pizza places when we lived in Pheonix, Az. "The Original Pizza Cookie". I just bought some organic cc cookie dough and pressed it onto the bottom of a 9' spring form pan....
I then baked it for about 20 min. and topped it with Blue Bell Vanilla Ice cream and Whipped Cream...
Since I have a milk and egg allergy I restrained myself :) and did not eat any. The little one was so excited she jumped on the table to eat it...
They said it was better than the "Original". They could have just been being nice???

I have done a butt load of cooking since being back so I hope to post some of the recipes soon. I have also been at the 4 of the 6 days I have been home and man did I miss it!! Happy to say weight is back down to normal :)

I have to leave you with some proud pics from the first babies of my back yard garden. Golden beans...
and my first 3 cherry tomatoes...
I have gotten about 8 more tomatoes since these and they are awesome!!! There are still a bunch of green ones waiting to be ripened.

Don't Forget about my 100th post coming up soon!!! There will be a big giveaway containing some of my favorite products. If you are a regular reader you might have a clue what some of them could be.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I did not really miss the little one at all while I was on vacation. Shoot me for being honest!! It was a much needed break! Of course I was thrilled to see her when we got home. I really think that breaks like this are necessary. I feel like I have been much more eager to play and give her all my attention since being back and we have been getting along great!!! :)


  1. I love all your confessions,,,every mom needs a break (heck, mine says it to my face, lol).

    The oatgurt sounds so intrigueing- where did you keep it to ferment? I think I might have to use the oven?!

  2. Agree with the comment above, every mom (or at least a lot of them!) needs a break! Glad you had such a great time and your eats look delicious!!
    <3 jess

  3. I need to get on this oatgurt craze! It sounds fantastic!! I love the abundance of "fries" - yum!

    Oh, EVERY mom needs and deserves a break! You have a full time job taking care of the kiddo. A vacation is necessary from time to time! I'm glad you guys had a great time together :)

  4. Ha ha - Justin and his Blue Bell. I'm sure your cookie was better than the original as it was made with love. :)

    So glad to have you home, and I love seeing all your detox meals. Everything looks delicious, and I cannot wait to try cooking my oatgurt. CD is eating it like crazy (he went through 5 cups while I was gone), and I had to start a new batch yesterday. He loves the crusty layer that forms on top and keeps eating it the time the oats are done fermenting, there probably won't be any left.

    Can't wait to see ya!

  5. I like warming my outgurt too and am glad to hear that it doesn't disturb all those great cultures doing so! It's really filling, hey?

    That pizza cookie looks great - its probably good you couldn't eat any. I bet it would be hard to stop!

    Your confession doesn't surprise me. You're only human!


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