Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It Was Raining And Pouring

...and I am not talking about the song!

As I am sure most of you have already seen I had a lovely but rainy lunch date with dear sweet Heather and the totally ripped hot mama Kim yesterday!!

When I went to pick up the hummus a blanket of dark clouds started to cover :(. By the time I arrived at the park down the road it was pouring....
Looked like the little ones hopes and dreams of playing at the Kids Kingdom were going to be smashed. I waited as long as I could for the rain to let up a little but it wasn't going to happen. The little one and I grabbed the lunch box, the bag of hummus, the house waters I got at Cafe Rakka, strapped reusable grocery bags over our heads and made a run for it. We made it to the covered bathrooms when the little one tripped, the hummus went flying and so did the two waters in my hand. She looked at me thinking I was going to be mad and said "I'm sorry mama". All I could do was laugh and I know Kim was doing the same from her car.

Here's a blurry pic of Heather in her mad dash...
We made it and had a great lunch. Here's the salad I packed for Heather...

Here's mine (it has a mini meatloaf in it)...
The hummus I picked up....
Sorry no pics of the warm fluffy ww pita.

The little ones ended up having a blasty playing in the rain and jumping in the puddles...
The sun ended up coming out and we made our way over to the playground. Here's Heather and the little one striking a pose...
Heather, me and Kim...
We had such a great time and I cant wait to do it again. The little one zonked out in the car...
I finished my list and we made it to MI. Ill be back with picks and updates later. Holla for now!!


  1. Oh no - the hummus!! It looks like you guys made the best out of a rainy day :)

    Glad you made it here safe and sound!!

  2. Man, that hummus was good!

    Look at Little One asleep - she cracks me up!

    Glad you made it safely to MI. Text me soon. :)

    P.S. - It's pouring here. Earlier today, I left to take the dogs on a walk in the beautiful sunshine. 1/2 mile into our walk, the rain hit out of nowhere. We got soaked...that's 2 days in a row! I"m scared to go outside now. :)

  3. man i take the worst pics.. totally wet shirt.. and what am i doing with my arm? looks a little painful.. oh well.. missed you this morning in class.. and i chickened out on the spin class.. there were like 4 men in there and no chicks..pass!!

  4. i love the pic of the little one fast asleep in the car. sounds like a great day!

  5. hi Justine sweetie!!!

    I love your blog and someday we'll have to meet up with Heather and get our girls together! How fun! Fun in the rain... is still fun. :)

    I answered your great question just now on YIY.... XOXO

  6. I love this post. It's a bummer about the rain but sometimes those are the most fun memories...ones with a little chaos!

  7. Loving this post! Looks like so much fun!
    <3 jess


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