Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trip To The North Part Duex

So Thursday afternoon I did about 25 minutes on the elliptical in the hotel gym. I ate only the food I packed for myself despite going to a restaurant for dinner. After dinner we headed out on a 6 hour drive to Milwaukee, WI. When got there late and I straight up hit the sack!!

Friday, I went golfing with 7 other family members. My dad and I...
He talked me into having this...
I was totally buzzin after this beer. I packed my own lunch :) and lunch for my mom and dad.

After golfing my mom and I took a little trip to the COOLEST Whole Foods I have ever been in and I picked up an ass load of loot. Take a look...
There were a few other things not pictured.

Well it really wasn't that much stuff but the bill was an ass load! After shopping we met the fam at a really cool local Mexican restaurant. We sat outside and this was our view...
This is what I ate/drink...
I don't see what the big deal is?? I thought the Kombucha was rather tasty!!! Mmmmm
I opted for corn tortillas for dipping instead of the fried tortilla chips.

My cousin and I...
My uncle and cousin...
A toast to my sister who passed away to young last September and a toast to my grandma who lived a full life to the age of 95 and passed away this January....
I love you and miss you both so so much!!!!

Part of the gang outside the restaurant. I think the 10 pitchers of margaritas were getting to my mom....

We headed back to my Aunt and Uncles house for a little more partying. Here's some of the kids....
I love the array of colors!

Later my mom and I shared this super yum piece of vegan chocolate cake we picked up at Whole Foods...

My camera ended up dying a some point during the trip but I did manage a few more food pics. This is what I had every morning....
I also managed to make some kombocha squash fries...
I also couldn't resist a tamale. This isn't my plate but I did eat one covered in homemade guac...
All in all it was good trip. The actual graduation party ended up being freezing cold and raining and it was outside ugh!! I think that may be where I got my soar throat from!

Food wise I did pretty good. I only had a few drinks and only went overboard once with chips and guac. Oh and chips and baked beans (don't ask).

I did manage to workout as well. Lifted some weights and did a few walks.

I am leaving for the Dominican in the morning. I have packed a lot of my own food. Peanut Butter, packaged chicken, bread, mustard and ketchup. The resort is all inclusive so I do plan on splurging a little but a also plan on spending some time in resort gym and doing a lot of the sports activities.

P.S. I have some really great guest posts lined up as well. One featuring our one and only Heather Eats Almond Butter and two others from some very sweet gals I have featured on my blog before here and here. So make sure and stay tuned for some awesome posts!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I hate sharing my food! I am like a little angry child when it comes to sharing it. If I do share with you fell lucky!!


  1. Have a safe and wonderful trip Justine!

    I too hate to share my food, but I'm getting better about it.

  2. have a great time on your trip.. I am so jealous! take lots of pics (if you manage to leave the room since it will be just the two of you..hehe)

    ya D used to think it was "cute" to take a bite off my plate.. he now knows better..

  3. Have a great trip!!! Let's definitely get the girls together when you get back (and Heather and Kim and her little ones, too!) :)

    Um yeah, I don't share my food either... haha... especially with my husband! I do share some things like ice cream or fro yo with Maddie.. but that's different :) At least I get a few bites in if I share with her! I don't with my husband :)

    You have a beautiful family! Looks like you had a great trip! That vegan cakes looks AMAZING...

  4. I am the same way with sharing food, but I am getting better..

    and girl you look amazing and you are beautiful and you can probably eat/drink whatever you want. I am glad you are taking care of yourself though and still having fun.

    It looks like you had a good time. Your golfing day reminds me of a vacation I spent in Iowa!

    Yay for guest posts!! I will stay tuned..
    Have a good night.. Ciao!

  5. What a great trip!! Looks like you and your family had a great time!

    Have a safe and FUN trip!!

  6. Justine,
    Love the picture of all the kids with Little One right up in front. Made me smile.

    That's a good idea to ask for corn tortillas for dipping instead of chips, but I think I would miss that salty crunch. I'm such a sucker for chips.

    Ugh, I hate sharing my food - it's bad, but it's like part of my allotment, ya know? When CD tries to swipe something off my plate or try my oat bran, I always roll my eyes, and reluctlantly say "yes". So silly because it's not like I'm going to starve if he takes a bite.

    Hope you have so much fun on your trip!!!
    Your one and only HEAB

  7. awesome trip!!! hope u had a blast :D
    and how does kombucha tastes like? what is it anyway? haha
    i love guac and chips!!! i would binge on them! hahaha

  8. You eat so well, even when you are on vacation! Aw, the beer was worth it though, right? I wish I could share one with my dad right now :)
    I'm the same way with sharing food...I always do it but ont he inside I am pouting like a little girl.

  9. hello i found your blog today and think its great!

    i also have such a hard time sharing my food! it is a struggle, but i have no problem having a bite f others.haha well i share with my bf sometimes.
    have a fabulous day

  10. That Tamale looks fabulous! Great idea with the corn tortilla instead of chips - I'll have to try that.


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