Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cheesecake, Lake and A Sunday Brunch

Friday night my man and I went to a late, sorta last minute dinner with another couple to the Cheesecake Factory (we both had gift cards). I ate a little something before leaving because like I said it was late and way past the time I normally eat. We sat outside and it was so nice! I ended up just ordering a small salad that I couldn't finish because my tummy was bothering me once again :(. Everyone ordered cheesecake for dessert but me. Here's the line up, this was the little ones piece it was Vanilla Bean....
This was the mans, Oreo...

The man friend had Plain Cheesecake with Raspberry sauce...
The lady friend had good ole Strawberry...
I wasn't sad :). I dipped into the peanut butter jar for dessert when I got home :).

The next day started early and ended late. We were on the lake all day and night for a Memorial Day party. Here's a shot of my friend and I...
I will say there was lots of snacking and Jello shots involved. hehe (apparently there's something on my chin in this pic).

Surprisingly, I felt good this morning (I know how to practice moderation) and was pumped for my planned girls brunch at Marche with the dear sweet Heather and one our readers, Mandy. I was so excited to meet a reader. She was super sweet and I cant wait to get together again. Kim, next time you have to join us!! Here's Mandy showin off our appetizer...
Dips for the bread...
That's butter, blackberry jam, a peanut/almond butter, Nuttela and honey. YUM!! (I ate most of it)

I order the scrambled baked eggs...
I wasn't a fan so I returned them and got the Organic Steel Cut Oats with strawberries...
Much better :). My belly was super carb loaded!!

All the girls...

I had such a fun time and was able to go back to Heathers house where she showered me with gifts. One of them being this a kabocha squash that I have been dying to try!!!
Heather, you gave me way to much, so next lunch I am buying!!! Do you hear me??? Gosh, shes such a generous sweet heart!!

Anyway, when I got home I totally passed out for like 3 hours. This was my dinner...
A fabulous ending to my great weekend with friends and family. That's what its all about :)!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I used to be really shy and scared to tell the waiter or waitress at a restaurant my special requests (with are many). I do it so much now that I am much more confident making the requests. Since I am paying for it I should get what I want and what makes my tummy happy!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great Memorial Day tomorrow!!!


  1. You are going to LOVE kabocha! (I hope! It's so amazing.)

    I used to be shy about my special requests too, but I've gotten used to it. Sadly though, I actually prefer to eat in, just because I can make everything exactly how I like it. I guess it's good that I like to eat in, but not that good socially. Bobby likes going out more than I do.

  2. The Cheesecake Factory - oh boy! I've never eaten a real meal there but their cheesecakes do me in every single time! I love 'em!!

    Brunch looks like a blast! I'm very jealous of that condiment plate, yum!!

  3. Justine,
    Never be shy about asking for no oil on the hummus and whole wheat instead of white pita. :)

    Looks like you had a lovely weekend, and the Jello dripping from your chin is cracking me up - oh, you make me smile.

    Can't wait to hear what you think about the kabocha, and you are so not buying next time!

  4. Too bad you couldn't have any cheesecake, but I have to say that I almost never eat dessert in restaurants. Makes me feel uncomfortable in a stupid way. Silly, but I guess we all have our food hang-ups ;-).

  5. Ooh, cheesecake! I used to never ask for anything special at restaurant either but now I have a change or substitution to almost everything I order. I have found that if you stay patient and smile, they don't mind at all ;-)

  6. Aww you and Heather are so cute! I'm sorry you couldn't indulge in those pies....but the oreo looks delish! :).....all those dips for the bread do too!! I still can't believe that i've never tried nutella....this needs to change!

  7. Such a fun day :) Great picture of you and Heather!
    I love Cheesecake Factory, it's such a special treat every once in a while...and yes, Cheesecake is mandatory! ;)

  8. I am still amazed by all the dipping sauces at that restaurant.

    When I ask for changes/subs I just try to be polite, but not apologetic. You ARE paying for it and it's YOUR food!


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