Friday, May 29, 2009

New Recipe, New Product

Ok lets see where my pics start????....
OK that's yesterdays breakfast. There was no gym yesterday so I just slept in a little and got up and made this scrumptious green bowl of oat bran. I used 1/2 cup oat bran, small chunk of banana, chia seeds, and water. Then I nuked that sucker, added more water, spinach, and cinnamon. Then I blended the hell out of it, added more banana and an unmeasured spoonful of Heathers homemade almond butter. NOM NOM!!

Snack was a fab smoothie...

  • few leftover blueberries and blackberries
  • strawberries, frozen
  • mango, fresh
  • 1 cup UVAM
  • stevia
  • cinnamon
  • fresh ginger
I also had a bowl of LFCC with a few slices of Boarshead turkey with pepper...
Lunch was amazing....
Another one of my leftover Black Bean Turkey Burgers slathered in rrp hummus, steamed green beans, and what I now declare my favorite fry of all time, kobocha squash fries. Here's a close up of those babies...
They were a biaach to cut but totally worth it!! :) They had almost the same taste and texture of real homemade thick cut fries. I could eat this version of burger and fries for every meal, no joke!!

Later I had a snack plate and a few nibbles of un pictured fruit....
That's rrp hummus and crunchy almond butter for dipping.

Later in the evening after doing some shopping with my mom. I came home to find a package on my doorstep. I quickly ripped into that sucker open to find this...
I had spoken to them a while ago but totally wasn't expecting this!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ARTISANA!! I was outta my mind excited and proceed to unscrew some tops and lick the lids. YUM!!! I had to contain myself though so I put on my walkin shoes and headed outside for a stroll.

I walked about 2.2 miles and then came in to fix dinner. For dinner I had some turkey breast fillets that needed to be used so I combined some old recipes to come up with Baked Turkey Tenders. This is what I used for the crust...
  • 2 slices of ww bread toasted and crumbled
  • 1/4 cup dry oatmeal
  • some crumbled sliced almonds
  • salt
I threw it all in a bowl and then cut my turkey into strips. I then sprayed the turkey pieces with Pam and rubbed each piece down with some split fresh garlic before dipping it in my breading. Then I baked @ 375 for about 15 to 17 min. Here's the mans plate...
He dips everything in ranch.

My plate...
That's a few pieces of roasted garlic on my plate.

Right now I am waiting for my awesome breakfast to digest before I hit gym. I was super excited to try a new Artisana nut butter with my breakfast. I made a typical bowl of oats with some added chia seeds and then drizzled with a heaping spoonful of Raw Organic Cashew Butter...
Check out the info here. Man that stuff was delish. When I opened the jar my first thought was that it looked like silk!! So soft, creamy and smooth. The taste was even better than it looked, if that's possible!! Yum!! I cant wait to eat more.

I see baking in my future.....

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I can't stand long toenails! It really freaks me out. I keep mine cut super short. The mans get so long they have been known to slice me open and draw blood while in the bed! GAG!!! (insert puking sounds here)


  1. Hooray for Artisana!! Can't wait to hear how you like their products! The cashew butter looks so creamy and delicious!

    Ewww to the TALONS growing on the mans ;)

  2. I'm loving the super green oats, and then the bright purple smoothie! Brilliant! I'm interested with all the extra water you add to your oats. I'm not sure if my chia seeds are faulty or something, but they really don't thicken up my oats all that much. And I use 2 tbs. It's weird.

    Kobacha.. I need to get some! The fries look awesome.

    Yuck - long toenails are gross. That's a totally normal reaction!

  3. Justine,
    Kabocha - CD and are loving it. I love butternut squash, but I think the texture and taste of kabocha is better!

    Sooo jealous of your Artisana stash. I just emailed the company yesterday. Oh my gosh, their Cacao Bliss is amazing, and I hate it that we can't get their products in Nashville. :(

    Hope you're having a good Saturday. Looking forward to hanging out on Tuesday!

  4. I know what you mean about long toe nails... I hate them!! And they hurt = ((

  5. SOOOOO JEALOUS of the artisana!!!! ahh i want some! i can't wait to see how you like it :)

    ugh and I 100% agree with you about the long toenails.. I can't stand it!

  6. Wow - that is some seriously smooth looking cashew butter - yummy



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