Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kiddie Crack

For lunch yesterday I had a kobocha squash bowl filled with left over spaghetti sauce/meat.....
SUPER GOOD!! I also had a little snack plate on the side with veggies and hummus...
After I ate my lunch I asked the little one if shed like to try something new...

Since I cant participate in the "crack wrap" fun (no dairy :(), I thought Id see if the little one would go for it. Is it bad I asked my 4 year old if she wanted "crack"?
She hates being left out of pics...The verdict...

Although she acted like she liked it she didn't finish it which tells me something different. I think it was my fault though because 2 triangles of Laughing Cow Swiss may have been a little much. Oops. Sarah, you now have preschoolers on your "crack".

Later I was really craving something sweet, so I quickly smashed that with a bowl of oat bran...
+bananas, chocolate chips and peanut butter. It did the trick!! Happy belly :)

When the man got home I went on a little 3 mile walk/jog. I made dinner as soon as I got home. I made my Black Bean Turkey Burgers, except this time I used really lean ground chicken breast in place of the turkey. *If you make these make sure you use this method in step 3 for cooking or otherwise they may fall apart*. I completely forgot pics because the man had a friend over.

I hit my weight class this morning, did some extra weights+cardio after and then came home for some brekkie. The decision was hard . I ended up with a bowl of oat bran and a side of slutty cottage cheese with berries...
Anyone who reads my blog knows what a slut cottage cheese is. She often just jumps in bed with anyone/thing and she absolutely does not discriminate! If you look back at some of her "journeys" you'll see she likes all things meaty (here, here, and here), especially sausage. She's been known to jump in on some tossed salads (sorry no available pics of that). She also likes cherries/berries (see above). Sometimes she likes to get down and dirty with some chocolate or peanut butter (here, here, here, and here). She also has been know to be submissive and let someone else dive into her (here). I am really shocked my husband doesn't like cottage cheese! Wow, this healthy food, fitness and family blog suddenly took a turn to kiddie "crack" and soft core porn. Sorry!! :) Oh and sorry for the cross outs on the links. Having a few technical difficulties.

Back to my day. I had the pleasure of meeting up for a play date today with a fellow blog reader in my area. I also take a class with her at the Y. I know our little ones had an awesome time and Kim couldn't be any sweeter!! Kim, I am looking forward to our play date/lunch next week with Heather!!

When we got back from the park I had a leftover Black Bean "Chicken" Burger for lunch, over a bed of greens, spread with rrp hummus and a side of sweet potato rounds....
Hit the spot!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: It really bugs me when people don't say "Bless you" after a sneeze.


  1. uh-oh did you sneeze at some point and I said nothing? it was too stinkin hot for good manners.. bless you! (for all past and future sneezes) hehe...

  2. No "bless you", being late, and letting my children (if I had any) eat fast food! I totally feel you on THAT confession!

    Also, I have meant to say... I vacationed in the Dominican last summer and it was AMAZING! You are going to have the best time! Not sure how long you are going for.... but I am so type A that it took me a good couple days to even relax ... once I was relaxed and enjoying the amazingness it was time to go home. =( Don't let that happen to you. Relax and enjoy immediately! =)

  3. p.s. I really hope I just "know" like you did! Thanks! Your comment was so reassuring!

  4. Yum! The more crack eaters the bettah ;) I love your slutty cottage cheese. Mine is a one (or three) main squeeze kind of girl.

    To add to your confession: when I hear people sneeze, I hold my breathe for a few seconds because I don't want to breathe in whatever they just sneezed out. True story!

  5. What a cute video!!! haha do u want mommy to make you a crack wrap? hahaha :P

  6. Gracie does the same thing with the crack, says she likes it, but then makes me finish it. I think she just think all the cool kids like it, so she should too.

  7. That's funny about your daughter getting her fix on the crack...that's a good idea to use the laughing cow wedges, I never thought of that and I don't really like to use the plastic cheese. Your squash looks yummm...I've never really had "savory" squash, so I must try. Funny about the "nutritional yeast cauliflower"...I thought it was pretty good! Have a great weekend :)

  8. Your daughter is adorable! That video is so cute, and I love the close-up of the crack wrap with her little face in there.
    Slut cottage cheese...hehe. I definitely know some slutty yogurt in my house.

  9. Justine,
    How I miss my slutty cottage cheese, especially after seeing it all over your blog all the time! :)

    I love videos of the Little One. She it so adorable. Sounded like she enjoyed her Crack Wrap even if she didn't finish it all.

    Totally making your turkey burgers tonight or tomorrow. Can't wait to try them.

    Hope you're having a good day, and I can't wait for our play date next week!

  10. Okay... what's funny about your confession is that it totally bothers me when people don't say thank you after you've said bless you to them!!

    Yes, I'm weird :)

  11. Ah! Your daughter is so adorable, I love when she puts her face up to the camera and yells "ok!" she's so excited to try whatever her mama wants to make her! So cute!

    And yumm that oatmeal snack looks divine....peanut butter and chocolate can do no wrong!


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