Thursday, April 2, 2009

Guac & Roll

I really don't like being half a day behind on posting so I am working on catching up. Starting with yesterday...

I woke up early and hit the gym Had a great workout and tried some new weird machine for cardio at the Y. Cardio is so much easier with TV smack in front of your face!! I have no picks of my breakfast or morning snack so they must not have been all the interesting. Lunch wasn't really either. I had planned on having another calzone made with the rest of the dough from last night but mom called and said she was staying home from work so I made something quick so I could go and visit shop with her. I made some scrambled eggs with peppers, broccoli slaw and BBQ sauce.
I also had a bowl of dark chocolate oat bran with big glob of peanut butter.
Yesterday was such a nice day here in Nashville and I was really craving something off the grill and I also had lots of fresh fruit that needed to eaten. I decided our menu would be
  • grilled shrimp
  • grilled chicken skewers
  • grilled eggplant
  • tropical fruit salad
I started by marinating 1lb. shelled shrimp in a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, and 2 cloves fresh garlic, minced. While the shrimp marinated I sliced the eggplant and marinated it in a mixture of hot mint tea, lemon juice and salt and pepper. I next sliced up some fresh pineapple, mango and bananas. I marinated the fruit in a mixture of fresh orange juice, lemon juice and pure vanilla extract and stuck it in the fridge. Here's the fruit...
Grilled eggplant...
Shrimp and chicken...
Here's my plate. I ate the fruit last.

Now on to today. Breakfast was an omelet with spinach and mushrooms and a bowl of dark chocolate oat bran with wheat bran and a little drizzle of Chocolate PB2. YUM!!!!

My snack was cottage cheese with cinnamon and a banana stuffed with peanut butter.....
Moving along to the star of the day, lunch. Last night while waiting for stuff to marinate I decided to make Sarah's green pea guac. Mine was a little different. I used chopped fresh tomatoes, garlic powder and salt and pepper.
I tasted it and new immediately she was definitely on to something. Thanks Sarah!!! Anyway, I could wait to try it again today. I figured I would utilize it by making Chicken & Shrimp Fajitas with last nights leftovers. I steamed some broccoli and peppers and added it to 2 ounces each of the chicken and shrimp along with some hot sauce and southwest chipolte Mrs. Dash.
On the side I had a large La Tortilla Factory ww tortilla and a toasted Spinach Flatout wrap for dipping.
I had so much of the veggie and meat mixture left I went back for another half of a ww tortilla. This was the BEST lunch I have had in while (sorry salads). I loved the Green Pea Guac!! It was amazing and I practically have one foot out the door now to go get some more avocados!!!! Needless to say I am stuffed now and can barley get off the couch. I think my cell phone has rang about 5 different times but I am to full to go get it :).

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: Do you ever fell like you over do it sitting at the computer or watching TV? I really think I have been lately :( . I am starting to feel guilty about it. These next few days I am going to make a conscious effort not to spend so much time on either. I think I will be much more productive and I think the little one will really appreciate it :).

Those macaroons should be here any day now........


  1. YAY! I'm glad you tried the pea guac. I think it is the sweetness of the peas that makes it so yummy!

  2. oh my gracious, i am the WORST when it comes to sitting in front of the computer/tv all day. for some reason i never feel guilty though haha. i know i SHOULD, but i dont. i enjoy laziness :)

    i love stuff off the grill!!!

  3. Hi there - I've just found your blog recently and LOVE it :-)

    Also, I wanted to add that the image of Sarah's green pea guac on a spoon had me drooling! Ohhh yum. Need to make some now..

  4. the shrimp looks like its grilled to perfection!


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