Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sometimes Its Just Better Without One...

the title that is.

Hey, wow I have really been MIA lately! Now that it is getting warm outside I find myself curled up at the computer less, which I guess is a good thing :). Also, my camera died and I kept forgetting to put it on the charger (bad blogger!!). Enough excuses and on to yumminess. I had my first savory acorn squash the other day and loved it.
I usually eat it this way. This time I filled it with some left over spaghetti meat and had a side of my favorite veggies (brussel sprouts). Super, super good it still had a slight sweetness which I loved and thought went great with sauce and meat! I also tried a new sausage :)!
Here I ate it with a leftover Pan "Fried" Chicken Burger and salad with broccoli slaw.

Here I ate it as a snack with an Italian Herb Flatout wrap, red pepper hummus and spinach.
I really liked this sausage and despite the name, "Spicy" my taste buds didn't find it very spicy at all and I thought it had a great flavor. This particular sausage has only

100 cals, 11g of protein, 6g of fat and 2 carbs.

I have eaten it for a quick dinner, snack and breakfast. I love that they are all fully cooked and natural so they are so quick and easy to make! Just nuke for 30 sec., grill for a few minutes, or cut up and warm in a pan. I must admit I have even popped one in my mouth cold.

Yesterday was the little ones last day in gymnastics and we have officially moved on to karate.

Today, I went hiking with my Aunt. We had a great time and probably went about 6 miles. It was a great change of pace and I had such a great time chatting that it didn't even feel like exercise! My Aunt....Before I left I broke into some loot that a sweet little fairy left me and made a shake in my new shaker (also left by the sweet little fairy). Jay Robb, I am lovin the new Vanilla Brown Rice Protein Powder!!! Your a protein genius! Thank you!!
I havent been making a lot of dinners lately because the man has been eating out a lot for work. Hopefully I will get in a few good ones the rest of the this week.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I never had bad skin until after I got pregnant. Gosh, it sucks now!!! Maybe these hormones the doctor has me on will clear things up???


  1. I love acorn squash. I was hooked on it about a year ago and packed one stuffed with sauteed and chopped zucchini,mushrooms, and onions and then added brown rice and spaghetti squash. Super tasty and filling.

    I've just always had bad skin...I keep hoping it will just miraculously clear up one day :)

  2. Mmmm squash!! That sounds fantastic! I love it when working out doesn't feel like a work out!

    Glad you're liking Mr. Sexy Hot and his protein!

  3. How beautiful is your little girl. I wonder, why no more gymnastics? I did it when I was little and admittedly didn't like it all that much - I was far too tall to ever be good at it. Karate will be good fun though! I would have loved that as a kid!

    Your pan "Fried" Chicken Burger and salad with broccoli slaw looks amazing.

  4. Oh My! How gorgeous is that gymnastics picture?? I have to admit that I enjoy reading your sausage reviews even though I am a vegan. It's something to look forward to I guess! I am going to have to get my hands on that Jay Robb Protein Powder soon!! Is it pretty tasty??


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