Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Posinious Sun Bunnies

...hopefully that will make sense at the end of this post.

So yesterday after my workout and breakfast I was in a rush to get me ready for my doctors appointment because it was a good 30 miles away. I posted then made a quick shake before jumping in the shower. Strawberries, unsweetened choc. almond milk, dark choc. stevia, cocoa powder, choc. brown rice protein, and peanut butter...
All mixed up...
After showering, getting ready, and doing some basic straightening up I had like 4 minutes to eat lunch. I sloppily threw together some leftover taco meat and tomatoes from the night before into a baked acorn squash and shoveled the green beans down my throat....
Not enough calories but momma had to go!!!

After getting lost and then finally making it to my doctors appointment I found out that I have Polymorphous Light Eruption (PMLE). Sounds fun huh? You can read about it here or here and a million other places if you Google it. Basically in a nut shell I am allergic to the sun!! The doctor wrote me a prescription for a cream and an oral medication I have to take everyday for the whole summer!! I was also advised to use Blue Lizard Sunscreen and wash my clothes in this stuff. Also, before going on my vacation in the Dominican Republic I have to go in and get a Cortisone shot which will hopefully keep the rash away while I am there.

By the time I got home and cleaned up some more it was time for dinner so, I deiced to make a quick homemade pizza using my new favorite Whole Wheat Pizza Dough Recipe that I made once before here. I was in such a hurry to get it together so I could I watch my shows (Biggest Loser, AI, and Desperate Housewives of New York) that I totally screwed up the dough. Basically to redeem the damage I had done I had to re ball it all up the pizza sauce mixed in and bake in a pan. I was praying to Sweet Baby Jesus that it would turn out because I had a hungry 3 year old bugging the crap outta me. I told them that the "pizza sauce was baked in the crust". I wonder if this is a new concept?? Not a good pic but here it is after baking it first without toppings...
Notice the red tint?
This was the last pic I got because unfortunately my camera died. My portion is the one without the cheese. I was really happy with the result though, it actually turned out great and the crust turned out extra thick like a "pan" pizza crust.

This morning I skipped my workout (no biggie) because we got invited by my sister in law to join my little nephew on his class field trip to the Science Museum. We had to leave early and I decided I would try out yet another new sausage I had picked up the other on sale at Kroger.
UGH!! It was by far the worst one I have had!! It was just greasy and nasty and I couldn't even finish it. If you like good ole baseball stadium sausages then you would like this. Really the stats weren't even very impressive. If you want to see them go here. I'm not wasting my time. Now I just have to find someone to pawn them off on. hehehe!!

Science Museum was fun
This was all she cared about doing....
We enjoyed cold leftover pizza for lunch. YUMMO!!!

On the way home I stopped to pick up my prescription for my PMLE. They wanted $415 dollars for the cream. What a FARKIN joke!!! My insurance covered a whopping $12 of it. I laughed and said "no thanks". Now I am just chillin here thinking about how its 4 o'clock and I don't have dinner planned.....Think I will just watch Oprah's show about the girls at the Bunny Ranch. Classssssyyyyy!!!! Air Force Amy anyone???

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I totally just went to the Bunny Ranch website.....not a good idea and not posting the link!!! hahaa!!


  1. Oh no!! Sorry to hear about the diagnosis - good luck with everything!

  2. I can't imagine being allergic to the sun! Have you looked at any holistic treatments yet? I wonder if there are any... I hear good things about coconut oil though. Hopefully you get everything taken care of before your trip. I can't believe how much that cream costs!!

  3. awww i'm so sorry about your sun allergy! it wouldn't be a problem if you lived in Seattle! to make artichokes...bring a large pot of water on the stove top to a boil, then place in 3-4 -chokes, let them boil for 45min (more or less depending on size, ours were biggish!) i hope u have a great night!

  4. Justine,

    I can't believe the cream was that much! Wowser. Move to antartica maybe? ;P

    Sauce in crust pizza=genius.

    Good night darlin.

    With love,


  5. the stevia coa coa breakfast looks good :-0

  6. Haha - bunny ranch no fun? That's hilarious.

    Ok - allergic to the sun??? This was the rash?? I have never heard of this.. how odd. And I cannot believe the cream cost over $400. WTF? And its laughable that your insurance would give you back so little... what a joke.

    At least you had some fantastic eats to cheer you up? The pizza looks awesome - I think sauce in the crust is a great concept!!

  7. I to have polymorphic light eruption, it starts in spring, i wear factor 20 sunscreen on my face and factor 50 everywhere else !!
    It is a painful condition at times if i am caught out not applying sunscreen often enough.
    It does get easier as summer arrives and my skin toughens up. Here in the north of Scotland we do not get enough sunlight in winter which aggravates the condition.
    I find beta-carotene helps and eating red and orance coloured foods eg: oranges carrots tomatoes sweet peppers, a portion a day does help.


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