Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Thanks guys for all of your input on protein for breakfast! Only sad thing is is that I am trying to avoid dairy because of some stomach problems, :( so lately the only thing I have been consuming that is similar is my lactose free cottage cheese. It basically keeps me sane. Yesterdays breakfast was pretty good but not as filling as my 6 egg whites :(. I had 1 chicken sausage, 1 slice of turkey bacon and peppers, and a bowl of oat bran.
I seriously tried to stay busy and out the house so I wouldn't eat because I was pretty hungry (I never thought Id be hungry eating strictly 1800 cals a day). I must really be a huge pig!!! haha!!

Lunch was a salad made with romaine and spinach, Green Pea Guac, and left over Turkey Meatballs. On the side I had some sweet potato chips and my fav. unsweetened ketchup.
After lunch I left the house again because I was still kinda hungry (I am telling you, I am an animal!) I took the little one to the library. She played and I looked at cook books. I ended up checking out these two.
My library does not have a very good selection. This was the only raw cookbook and basically the only healthy one. Anyway, the recipes in the raw cookbook look interesting but the sad thing is is that you need a dehydrator for most and I don't have one :(. When we left the library I was about to eat my face off so I ran in and made a huge bowl of dark chocolate oat bran with peanut butter. So good!
The man had business for dinner so I just made something quick and easy for myself. Chicken and Kale Chips...
A toasted spinach flatout wrap seasoned with sea salt and garlic powder and Green Pea Guac for dipping. Love that stuff!!!
After the man got home I decided it was time for desert (haha! I know what your thinking you dirty girl...or boy)....
Yum, perfect ending to my calorie counting filled day.

Today, was gym day and I had yet another successful full body workout. I have been busy most the morning running from gymnastics and to the doctor (no menstrual cycle) so no food pics yet today but I am about to cook up some lunch and then for dinner we are going to my new favorite restaurant. You can see Heather and I there, here. Cant wait!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: Thanks to the sweet and beautiful Heather and our lovely lunches together most of my restaurant anxiety is gone but I really feel it coming on strong for tonight. I know its a healthy restaurant but I am just worried about overeating because I have been watching my calories close and I have been so hungry lately. I really hope I don't over do things tonight!!


  1. Just thinking about the satiation factor of your breakfast. You need some healthy fats with it (nuts, nut butter, etc), this really does help make you feel full longer.

    good luck it is definitely hard without dairy.

  2. Justine,
    Don't be too hard on yourself my friend, and I hope you enjoyed every bite of your delicious dinner at Cafe Rakka! Can't wait to hear about it.

    OK, gotta make that pea guac. Do you buy frozen, canned, or fresh peas, and how do you get your oats so freaking dark? My chocolate oats never look like that. Oh, maybe that's because I add spinach and it ends up looking like a bowl of poop. :)

    I have a really cheap dehyrdrator and never use it. I just set my oven on its lowest setting with the door propped open and pray that my dogs don't try to jump in it when I dehydrate stuff overnight.

    I have several raw cookbooks if you ever want to borrow them. Let me know how dinner went. :)

    Protein breakfast ideas: smoked salmon on a la tortilla wrap with hummus and dill. 2 wild Alaskan salmon burgers with a side of oats. Grilled chicken breast with peanut butter (this is really good!) The peanut butter melts all over the warm chicken. Yum!

  3. Hope you enjoy your meal tonight!! Heather is awesome and I'm glad that she's been helping you out with reducing anxiety :-)

    Saw your comment on my blog - spelt flour is okay, but whole-wheat pastry flour would be better.


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