Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bustin At The Seams!!!!!!!!.....

....this post and my belly!! OMG!!! I am so full right now!! Lately I have been getting full really fast. Maybe its the hormones the doctor has me on??? (thats a whole another topic). So I did a lot of cooking..or eating, yesterday. I couldn't wait to try kale chips so naturally I made them for lunch. I put them on a baking sheet, sprayed them with Pam, drizzled them with some apple cider vinegar, and sea salt and then baked for about 15min. starting at 350 and then turning it up to about 400 the last few minutes.

They were awesome!! I loved them! I also had some baked chicken and some butternut squash soup (not pictured), and tons of ketchup. You will definitely be seeing these suckers around here more often.I waited a little to long to have lunch so I was really hungry and decided, what a perfect time to have lunch desert. That is a yummalicious vitatop with Better'n chocolate peanut butter, and regular pb (or fake as Sarah would call it) and chocolate whipped cream.They must have not been selling it good because I got them on sale for $2.95 a jar. I love the chocolate but was always afraid to try the other. I have to say I liked it. Here's a close up of the warm, rich, melty, goodness.
I rarely say this but it was almost to sweet and rich for me! I was definitely bustin' after this!!
Because I was so full after it I decided it was a great time for me and the little one to take a walk around the neighborhood. I love it that we live in a subdivision that has sidewalks. First, we did a loop with her riding her bike and me chasing behind. She almost didn't make it though. I had to give her a pep talk and push her up the big hills. When we got back I felt like it wasn't enough so I stuck her in the wagon and hit the loop again. I did lots of running down the hills. When we got back this time we did a little something I like to call "wagon sprints". We live on the top of a hill in a cul de sac so I like to start at the top of my driveway and sprint as fast as I can pulling the little one down in the wagon about half way down the cul de sac. Then its back up and repeat. I think I did about 5 times. Its a good workout!!

Earlier in the day I started dinner in the crock pot. We'll call it BBQ Take 2. Its basically the same as this BBQ but with lean trimmed pork and cooked slowly in the crock pot. I cut up the meat and coated it with the flour mixture just like in the other recipe. Then I threw it in the crock pot to brown, and then added the liquids. It cooked for about 5 hrs. The last hour I turned it down to warm to keep it from drying out.
It feel apart with the touch of the fork.

About the last 10 min. I added some sliced onion in with it.
I use a different BBQ sauce than the little one and the man so I put the meat in separate bowls and added in our favs. This is my fav.

The little ones Plate..My plate. A large salad and a low carb tortilla as the bun.

Close up.
It was so good I went back for seconds. This time half a tortilla, a little scoop of meat and some onions. This really sent me over the top!! I should have waited a bit before jumping back in for more!! No after dinner snacks tonight!! See after dinner belly pic above^.I actually wrote this post last night. Which is technically today but I am waiting to post it until the morning. Are you confused yet?? I am!! Anyway, I am doing it this way because I have a busy day planned tomorrow (or today). I am getting up early to hit the gym, the little one is going to work with the man and I am going golfing with a bunch of fam. at about 11. Don't know if I will have time to post all weekend because I have lots of plans for Saturday as well. I do know that I will have lots of good pics though come Monday. Have a great weekend and thanks so much to all those that have visited my blog!! I loving sharing and getting new ideas!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: The mans name is Justin. haha go head laugh, give me all the oohhs, and ahhs and oh how cute, Justin and Justine. No our daughters name is not a derived from two or even close for that matter. Sorry no Justina.

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  1. haha I get that belly when I eat a lot too. It's so funny because I'm so small, so with a big belly, it looks like I'm pregnant!

    P.S. YAY for kale chips!!

  2. I had no idea they made fake chocolate PB! My TJs doesn't have

    You are bold to post that tummy pic. You should have seen me with the stomach bug last week! Gracie patted my tummy and told me it was "getting bigger." Thanks, Love.

  3. awwww I LOVE THAT YOU HAVE THE SAME NAME! that is fate; so cute.

    all of that BBQ looks so tasty. i could eat barbecue sauce out of the bottle. gross, but true haha.

  4. I have never seen a vita top look that lucious!


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