Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not A Good Day!

So yesterday started off an ok day. It was day one with no gym and I was ok with that. I had lots of leftover quinoa from the dinner the night before so I thought hmmm...quinoas a grain, maybe I should try blending it up and eating it for breakfast? Well I nuked it with a banana then blended it up with some cinnamon and vanilla stevia. It was just so so. Kinda had a bitter aftertaste. Anyway, I ate that with 6 egg whites scrambled with spinach and topped with salsa.
I had to watch my nephew for the day so we all headed off to the park (near 80 degree day) before lunch. I had plans to meet a friend at this new Mediterranean restaurant where I live. It had outstanding reviews and is supposed to be a healthy place so I was excited. When we walked in I was shocked at how tiny the place was. Maybe has seating for 15, 20 people at the most. The chef is from Syria and his specialty is making homemade cheese and yogurt. Too bad I have dairy issues. The menu looked wonderful and I am already anticipating my next return. We both shared the hummus bar and the Mediterranean salad at the waiters suggestion. Man it was fantabulous! Really wish I had my camera but it was dead! I was with my pregnant friend again and she wanted baklava for dessert. Of course I didn't tell her no. It was small but bursting with flava! I was stuffed when we left and planed on just having dinner later. I took the kids on a long walk when we got home. I don't know if its the hormones I am taking or what but I was over come with cravings for sweets about an hour after our walk. I am in no way proud to say this but lets just say it involved copious amounts of dark chocolate, pb, Life cereal, and No Pudge Brownies. Later I let my husband order Papa Murphy's Take and Bake. (I honestly don't know what I was thinking!) He got the Pineapple Delight for me and little one and a stuffed pizza for himself. I ate way to much yesterday! Needless to say I don't have any pics and I woke up with a terrible food hangover! Seriously, what makes someone over eat like that? Am I the only one who experiences this type of thing? Ugh! Its so frustrating! Today I am just going to try to get back to normal. No depriving my self of carbs or anything because I over ate yesterday. Just start off with a clean plate. I will leave you with a cute pic of the little one walking into our bedroom last night at about midnight with all her babies.
CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I think the above was confession enough for me. I am ashamed that I have these random eating binges! :(

P.S. I have been experimenting with my page layout. There are so many templates! I finally decided on this one because I like all my gadgets being on the right side. I am not a very computer savvy person so all of this stuff is new to me.

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