Monday, March 23, 2009

Who Needs A Head? Not Me!

With 2 wild children here over the weekend the last thing I was thinking of was taking pictures of my food. I did however manage to get in a pic of my morning snack yesterday. The smoothie was a Peanut Butter Banana Kale Shake partly inspired by Angela's blog Oh She Glows and it was really yummo! I think I thew in frozen banana, peanut butter, unsweetened almond milk, cottage cheese, liquid egg whites, and of course a great big leaf of kale. I also had some cantaloupe with fresh squeezed lemon juice over it. Try it, the lemon juice gives it a great kick!
My honey also put some finishing touches on our raised bed garden.
We had to take my mans little bro back home yesterday and its about a 30 min. drive out to country so we were invited to stay for dinner. My lovely mother in law is very respectful of my eating habits so besides the brown sugar soaked bbq sauce ribs, she grilled me up some plain chicken and lots of veggies and big ole salad. It was all really good and I was super stuffed when we left! We had a good time there and did a little playing around on the 4 wheelers. I haven't driven one in so long and was such a chicken when I got on. I swear having kids really makes you more cautious!
This morning I hit up the gym and had a great workout. There were tons of people in the weight room so I did a little extra running while waiting for them to clear out. I came home and had my usual 6 egg whites and oats at about 7:45. I was starving at about 9:45 and with no plans I went down to see what was here to eat. I snacked on these (peanut butter puffins)while making up my mind...
I would be lying if I said my hand didn't venture its way back into the box. I pulled out a few more to top my snack with but someones eye caught them and gobbled them up.
I decided on this no fail snack.

All mixed up...I am still a little hungry but I am going to drink some water and take a shower and see if it wears off. Hope to get my veggies planted sometime today. The man still has some more soil to buy and add in.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: Growing up I had some people in my life that were not very good influences, as a result I strive to be the best influence I can to my 3 nieces (all in high school) and my 3 young nephews. I love them so much and do not want to see them go down some of the paths that I chose.

P.S. I was thrilled this weekend when my 14 year old niece informed that you can subtract 8lbs when you weight yourself. I asked her why and she said "because that's how much your head weights". LOL!


  1. Hey Justine! I wanted to pop in and say hello... I have been lurking here for awhile :) You are gorgeous - and so is your little girl! How old is she?

    I live in Nashville, too... I had suggested to Heather if it's possible to have a reader/blogger meet up... not sure if we have any more Nashville peeps speak up as of yet :)

    I'd love to meet you and heather some time, if it's possible! :)

    I have a little girl, too... she turned 3 in January!!!

    Take care!

    btw - yeah... i can never do just one handful of pb puffins!!!!!

  2. wow, that no fail snack look deelish! i love the things you come up with. such a genius :)

    your little garden is so cute. it'll be so cool when things start to grow!! yay!

  3. Hey Mandy,
    I am so glad you popped in! My little one will be 4 in May. I saw that Heather mentioned a blogger/reader meet up and I think it would be great! I love meeting new people!



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