Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Last night I had a bad experience making almond butter. I am not sure what went wrong but I blended for at least 30 min. and all I had was dust! So aggravating, and over a 1/2lb of perfectly good almonds wasted (maybe. I actually still have the dust in my fridge. I couldn't stomach throwing it all away). I am sure I can find some use for them. Any ideas?? Oh and I think by the time I was done I had lost 50% of my hearing. Dinner was a simple lean pork tenderloin with some spices and marinade (did you know if you look hard enough you can find a tenderloin with only 110 cals for 4 ounces. Same as chicken). Along with that was some mixed steamed veggies. Fresh brussel sprouts, green pepper, carrots and sweet potatoes. My little one loves brussel sprouts! No gym today and I was rushing to get out of the house cause I had to go clean at my mom and dads house (family is coming in town tomorrow to stay). Before I left I had to throw together a quick snack. It was 4 egg whites, few slices of banana, and strawberry. When it was done I smeared on 1 tbsp chocolate pb and 1 tbsp regular pb. It looked really ugly after the pb's and I didn't want to put up the pic but it was yummy! At my parents I stopped cleaning to take a lunch break to eat the leftovers from last night, along with a little bit of some left over canned pumpkin that had been chillin in my fridge. Lets just say the pumpkin can and I had it out and I walked away with a pretty nasty cut on my pointer finger. My mom held pressure on it for over 30 min, before it stopped bleeding. I never looked at it but they were talking stitches. I hate blood! I thought I was going to faint! When it stopped bleeding I made them throw on a band aid so I could get back to cleaning. That was at about noon, its now 7:45 and I still don't want to look at it. I am going to make the man change the band aid soon and see what he thinks. Dinner tonight was just something quick. After all that cleaning today the last thing I wanted to do was come home and make a big mess in the kitchen to clean up! The little one didn't think I had enough pics today so she wanted me to add this. I wanted her to look at the camera and smile but she insisted on taking it like this. No, I did not dress her in that. She thinks shes a rock star or something. Idk??? Looks emo to me. Hahaha!!!

I gotta sign off. To many trashy reality shows on to watch tonight.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I finally told the man about my blog. First, he laughed. Then, he asked "can you get paid for that?". Then, he said "Do other people actually read it?" So predictable!

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