Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Cat Has A Sex Addiction........

I ate this Thursday night. It was egg whites whipped with dark chocolate cocoa powder and dark chocolate stevia. Then cooked like an omelet and stuffed with a peanut butter cottage cheese mixture and topped with more of the mixture and whipped cream. It felt so naughty! I know you love the Shrek plate.

Well yesterday was supposed to be my first day back into the gym but I just wasn't feeling it when my alarm went off in the morning. I sleep a while longer and then after breakfast I hit up some Exercise TV. It felt good to get a little sweat on my brow. Then I headed off to clean my moms house. I don't really have time to cook up anything that great there while cleaning but I did manage to throw together a fab salad. I like to call it the everything salad. It had left over steamed veggies (cauliflower, carrots, and brussel sprouts), chickpeas, canned salmon, tomato, and cucumber, sered on a bed of romaine.....
and topped with a mixture of these two awesome dressings which I highly recommend. I also threw in a 1/4 cup cup of this pink salmon. I wondered why this giant can was so cheap at the store (like 2.50) then while sitting and eating my salad and reading the can I realized it still contained the bones and skin. Ugh..but its says its all edible and good for you. Idk??? The the bones are kinda hard and look a little dangerous. I got home a little late and was really hungry and scrambled to make dinner. I had seen baked onion rings on Sarahs blog and was really craving them! I attempted to make them but after dipping about five in the crumb mixture I couldnt get it stick to the onion anymore. It was so frusturating! So at just cooked those six and threw some kale in the oven with them for kale chips. I also cooked up my first time ever vegan burger. It was pretty good but judging my this morning I dont think my tummy likes the soy. (look at my chipped up thumb nail in the background)...
The man went out with his friends for the night so the little one and I had our own fun. This is where we slept until he got home and woke us up and moved us into the bed.
I was glad because I couldn't really sleep good there anyway. Not because it was uncomfortable but because of my two spaz cats. The first one is obviously closely related to Wilt Chamberlain and he likes it best when his partner is asleep (sick kitty). He started attacking me at about 1:00 in the morning. It wasn't pretty. Then soon after the kitten decided it would be fun to walk on top of the tent (do they not have brains?) and two of the four chairs came tumbling down on top of us. You can actually see Sunshine up there on the chair scoping it out.

This morning I actually got up and hit the gym for a full body workout. It was great to be back in but I didn't want to push myself to hard. When I got back I made an ice cream concoction. (didn't really taste like ice cream but still good). I didn't measure I just threw stuff in the blender. I think it was frozen bananas and strawberries, cottage cheese, and vanilla almond milk. The toppings are obvious. No big plans for the weekend except maybe joining the YMCA.

I will leave with this pic of my 3 year old who thinks she is a rock star. I did not direct her to do this, she just really thinks she is Hannah Montana.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I know its lame and kinda immature but I struggle with not getting mad when my husband stays out late with friends. I will go out till all hours with mine and expect him to be fine with it but if he does it I really struggle. I am not sure what it is?


  1. mmmm that first meal does look so naughty! but amazing, mmmm.

    your daughter is so hardcore haha i love it!

    i totally get you on the confession. i like to think i'm quite mature, but i feel the exact same way with boyfriends. i dont know if there is any explanation to it, but you arent crazy! we all feel it.

  2. Justine, so enjoyed our lunch together! I felt like I've known you for years as you were so easy to talk to. We must hang out lots more before I leave. :)

    Oh my gosh, that egg white chocolate concoction is brilliant. I must try these liquid Stevias AND the lactose free cottage cheese.

    I'm still cracking up at the Google searches that led people to this post. Too funny!

  3. Hey, I just found your blog through Heather's :) I am the same way. I don't know why I expect him to be home early when I don't hold myself to the same standard!

  4. My cat sleeps all day, and wants to cuddle while we're asleep - she'll paw my face and meow until I put my arm around her... why can't she just sleep at night like our dog?!

    I've heard that you can just mash the canned salmon bones and skin right in with the fish - it adds calcium, I think :)

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