Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Keep Your Mind Outta The Gutter....

...but if you have been reading Sarah's blog then its probably already there.

Yesterday for lunch I knew I wanted sweet potato fries but was in a hurry to get out of the house and enjoy the weather so I tried a new method of cooking the fries. First, I cut the fry strips a little thinner than usual and then I salted and nuked for about 2 min. until just slightly soft. Then I heated a large skillet and sprayed with Pam and fried them up.
I will call them Pan Fried Sweet Potato Fries.I served them up with lots of natural ketchup and a BBQ chicken salad with leftover chicken from my mother in laws house.
I loved how they turned out! The texture was much better this way than in the oven. They stayed a lot more dense and crispy as opposed to the airy, mushy feel they get when cooked in the oven (if that makes sense). After lunch the little one and I headed out to the park. We had a blast and she forced me to play with her and another little girl in their "girls only" club house. We played on the play ground for about 45 min. and then hit one of the trails for a walk. About half way her little legs were failing so I had to carry her on my shoulders back to that car. It was snack time when we got home and I was still sweating from the park and the fact that my car has no AC at the moment, so I decided to make a smoothie and the smoothie decided to jump on my face ( I am pretty sure that shouldn't be all one sentence but I have no writing skills). I know I am taking a risk putting this pic up so get your mind out of the gutter!!!
The mix was mixed frozen fruit, almond milk, and cottage cheese for protein.
I also cut up some fruit

Can you tell I was bored? or maybe just avoiding house cleaning
After the man got home we finally finished up the garden and I got a few things planted in there. I wanted something simple for dinner so I threw these babies in oven...
I have had these before but not these new flavors. They were really good but you have to watch it because they are high in sodium. I tasted the teriyaki but ate the savory roast.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: The man doesn't get paid till this Fri. so we are hanging by a shoestring with moo la and groceries. This week my goal is to try and create meals from what we have in the fridge and pantry without going to the store. GOOD LUCK ME!!


  1. Your fruit salad looks so pretty and reminds me of summer!

  2. Haha - I've totally been there with smoothie in the face.

    Pan fried sweet potatoes - I bet they were extra crispy! We don't have a microwave. I wonder if steaming them for just a minute or two would have the same effect?

    Pay day will be here in 48 hours!

    So enjoyed our lunch date yesterday Justine. You are so easy to talk to, and I feel like we've been friends for years!

    P.S. - Kroger oat bran? Yum!

  3. I totally understand the trying to create meals from what you have left over.

    Here's a website that might help!

  4. hahahahahaha. that picture.
    [sorry. my mind is indefinitely in the gutter.]

  5. I want to try these turkey tenderloins! I love pork tenderloin, so I bet these will be a hit also.


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