Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh Beer Deer!!!! & Yummy Kale!!!

Yesterday, is sort of a blur. It was really rainy and crappy as was my mood. I did manage to get to the gym in the morning for my beloved full body workout but the rest of the day pretty much sucked! After logging back on to Fitday I have come to the conclusion that I am not getting enough calories between breakfast and lunch. Even though I am eating 3 meals in that time I should still be getting half my cals for the day and I was only hitting about 700 cals. because of this I was having small binges after lunch. Here's my lunch form yesterday. Kale chips, small half of a sweet potato with pumpkin butter, and 4 ounces turkey tenderloin. Not nearly enough...
As a result I then ate this...
....along with several other things not pictured, i.e. more peanut butter, cinnamon puffins, and dark chocolate smeared with more pb. I was so full from all this sweet stuff I didn't eat the rest of the night. NOT GOOD.

The highlight of the day was seeing this lovely deer in my back yard...
Oh and taking this video..

The funny part is is that neither of us really drink. Him more so than me but its like only a weekend thing. I am thinking she picked it up from Grandpa haha! She did stay the night there the night before.

Today, I wasn't at home most the day because I was cleaning my moms house. I did make a fab. bowl of snack oats before I left though.
1/3 cup oatmeal, 1/3 cup oat bran, dark chocolate cocoa powder and stevia and of course peanut butter. My afternoon snack was pretty good to. It was a first for me. I usually like my cottage cheese sweet.
I threw together some Lactose free cottage cheese, grape tomatoes, salt and pepper and a spinach flat out wrap. SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! As mentioned in a previous post we are running low on food so dinner tonight was sloppily thrown together for me (they ate pancakes). I really think I found a gem though.
I know it doesn't look like anything special but the kale was outta this world!! I sauteed it with Pam on the stove, and then towards the end I added a large chopped up clove of garlic and a tbsp. of the dressing I mentioned in the post before this. It was sooooo good. I think kale chips are going to have to take a back seat for a while. Well now I am just catching up on some shows. I am sorta mad I missed the permier episode of In The Motherhood :(.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I once had my tongue and nose pierced. I also pierced my own belly button and second holes in my ears in high school. (dont judge me) LOL!!! :)

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  1. mmmm, PB, cinnamon puffins, dark chocolate...!!!! love it!!! i do hate when i overdo it in the sweets department and end up feeling so full I can't eat the rest of the day. it's just so hard to control those cravings :)

    kid=SO CUTE. love her.


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