Thursday, March 19, 2009

♪ Green Acressss Oats In The Bowl For Me ♪

Yesterday, I did lunch with my husbands (aka: the man) Aunt and Grandma at a little restaurant out in the country. Not that great food wise but it was in a lovely 1800's building that had been turned into a small restaurant with lots of shops (which was the best part). I always have a great time visiting with them and I am glad I didn't let my fear of eating out keep me from going! When we got back me and the little one went on a great walk through the neighborhood. She got tired about 3/4 the way through so I put her on my shoulders the rest of the way which was a great workout (shes 40 lbs.). For dinner I made ground chicken tacos with homemade spelt tortillas that I saw on Sarah's blog. They turned out great! While I was rolling one out it kinda formed a heart shape so I thought that one would be perfect for the little one.
The little ones plate...My plate....
I am finally starting to overcome my fear of carbs at night.

I haven't been around the house much this week because of birthday parties and family in town so the man and I used the rest of the night to catch up on our trashy reality show addiction. I only lasted through one and 1/2 shows.

This morning I had some more agar agar goodness but this time with a little inspiration from Heather.

All mixed in....Basically they were the same as last time I made them except I added a handful of spinach to the blended oats. I couldn't even taste the spinach but I loved how beautiful they made my bowl on Agar Dark Chocolate Protein Puddin' Oats look. This time I ate the egg whites on the side instead of in the mix.

I have a lot of cleaning to do today, more birthdays parties Sat., and also an overnight guest Sat. (the mans 10 yo little bro.)

Have a great day and thanks everyone for visiting! I love sharing my food ideas and getting inspiration from my fellow bloggers!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I have a weird habit of picking the skin off around my fingers and also the skin off my lips. It drives my husband crazy because I will do it until it bleeds sometimes. I don't really think much of it its kind of an unconscious habit and I have done it for as long as I can remember.

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  1. Justine, your spinach pudding oats look amazing! If anyone questions them, just say you're eating a bowl of chocolate mint pudding. That's what it looked like to me. Isn't it crazy how you can't taste the spinach? I love it! OK, I've got to make those spelt tortillas soon...very soon. I tried the rice protein powder this morning in some protein pancakes. Yum. I would buy more if I didn't have a huge stock of Jay Robb whey. Oh, and I'm getting samples from this company that VeggieGirl recommends: Can't wait to try their rice protein. The samples are going to the doctor's office where I work, and I'll be sure to snag one for ya.

    PS - I totally fear carbs at dinner. I always save my carb allowance for dessert. :)


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