Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Something Old (pancakes) & Something New (a review)!!!!!

Guess what I had for lunch yesterday???.......SALAD!! You can never go wrong with salad. My mix included
  • broccoli slaw
  • romaine
  • mixed organic greens
  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • chickpeas (that I made at home for the first time ever)
  • mixed steamed veggies for last nights dinner
  • chicken
  • BBQ sauce for dressing
So full after this! Later for my snack I made some more of my yummy Peanutty Hummus.
1 oven toasted Spinach Flat Out Wrap seasoned with garlic powder and sea salt for dipping. Perfectly crunchy!After my snack the little one, the man and I all headed out for the little ones first trial karate class. They were so cute!! I laughed the whole time.
When I arrived home I was SUPER excited to see that I had received a package for Bell Plantation!!! I know the man was jealous. Here's the goods...
Because we were busy with karate and going to watch my 3 nieces play their HS softball game I just threw together some leftovers together for dinner. My Plate....
Turkey Tenderloin Nuggets, Sauteed Kale with Greek dressing and almonds. After dinner I was anxious to try my PB2 samples (THANK YOU BELL PLANTATION)! but I was also craving chocolate. Is that a dilemma? I think not. I put on some Dark Chocolate Agar Puddin and put it away to set while I caught up on some my fav trashy reality shows (thank you VH1). When the puddin was through setting I threw it the blender with some PB2 and some chocolate rice protien. Really I should have put it back in the fridge to set more but I was to excited to try so I went ahead and threw down.

The results?? Well I think I should have used the whole packet of PB2. I only used about 2 tbsp. Also, I am sad to say that I think the chocolate rice protein totally canceled out the peanut flavor :(. No need to fret though because tomorrow was another day and I still had 3 1/2 packets of PB2.

Today is usually my day off from the gym but I really wanted to try a new a class at the YMCA. After brekkie I dropped the little one off at my parents and headed to the Y. The class was called Ultimate Circuit. I am not really big on group classes but I wanted to branch out. It was a hour long and I didn't even break a sweat! My legs are wobbly but all in all I don't know if I will make it a regular part of my routine. The class involved a lot of machine work which I am not really keen on and low weights with high reps. I think I will try Cycle next time on my day off. When I got home I was anxious to have another go at the PB2. This time I made my trusty pancakes (1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 oatmeal, 3 egg whites, cinnamon and stevia blended) and used the PB2 mixed with water and maple syrup for a topper.
YUMMY!!! I am not sure if the PB2 is comparable to peanut butter itself but for something that only has 53 cals and 1.8 grams of fat for 2 tbsp its fun to play with. I don't think I would eat it by itself like on a sandwich or something but its great for a topper. I still have 3 packs left so we will see what I can come up with. :) Any suggestions with the PB2 are welcome!!!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I have been an athlete all my life and I was pitcher for my college softball team! I miss those days. So much fun! :)

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  1. Awwww, Justine you are so sweet. I entered you three times.

    Oh, and I'm so excited that you made a version of my agar pudding. So many people shy away from that recipe because they're afraid of agar, but as we both know, it's not scary at all ;)

  2. ohhhh hummus. & chocolate! yumyumyum!

    justine, seriously. come live with me, and make my meals. we could eat yummy treats and do fun fab things, and i would love itttt :)


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