Thursday, March 5, 2009

RIP Little Dudes....

Ok, so I have been MIA kinda, sorta. I have family in town so I have an excuse (I am sure nobody noticed). Yesterday was a gym day. It was just an ok workout. I did lower body because of my finger but I still had to grip weights in my hand and I just didn't feel full throttle. I am sore today though :). There was lots of running around and grocery shopping yesterday. We went to the grocery store after gymnastics at about 10. I knew it was senior citizen day but I had no idea they dropped of bus loads of elderly there (not really but that's what it looked like). They were everywhere! Everywhere I turned I was getting run down by those motorized buggies! They are so friendly though and like to start up random conversations about the produce. Hahaha!! Even my little one looked at me with a slightly frightened face and said "mommy why are there so many old people here?". I tried to explain but it was pretty much pointless to a 3 year old. While shopping a brilliant idea struck me. Ill just tell them I forgot my plus card and give them my parents phone number. Automatic 10% senior discount baby!!!! Was that a good idea? or wrong on so many levels? I say good! I saved 12 buck and some change. Ok, now if your good you can do the math and figure out my grocery bill. In the midst of the chaos yesterday I did manage to get in photos of my lunch and an afternoon snack. This was my lunch. Leftover chili served over half a sweet potato with a large salad that contained kale (a first for me) I bought it with the intentions of making kale chips (that I have seen many times in the lovely Katie's blog) but I was starving when I got home from the grocery store and I didn't feel like searching for the recipe so I just ate the stuff raw. Yum! I bet they will awesome tossed in vinegar and cooked in the oven. I cant wait to try it!
After the grueling task of helping my mom pick thru thousands of eyeglass frames at the mall I came home and had this little beauty. 1/2 cup lactose free cottage cheese 1 scoop of chocolate pb. 1 scoop of regular, crushed Life cereal and some ff whipped cream. Hit the spot!
The little one and I headed over to my parents around 5 for dinner. We grilled out steaks (chicken for my mom because she gave up red meat for lint). We also had a huge salad, sweet potatoes and white potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and asparagus. I was all scrumptious! After dinner we played a classic game of Taboo.
So much fun! We went 3 on 3, boys against girls. You know who won. I don't have to say it :). We were there late so while playing I snacked on my favorite peanut butter.

No gym this morning because the man went to play b-ball at the gym at 5:30. He needed the exercise. Its supposed to be in the 60's today so the little one and I have big plans for a nice long walk. Who knows maybe even a visit from Jillian Micheals??( did I spell that right)? IDK?

Ok, so remember my babies here and here?Probably not. Anyway, if you read the second one you see that I questioned how long it would take me to end their poor existence. Well it took about a month.
To end on a happy note my other babies are alive and thriving :). That's pumpkin, sugar snap peas, cantaloupe, and squash.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I haven't had my period in almost four years!!!! After going through many doctors I am still currently in the process of figuring out what the deal is.


  1. You must try the roasted kale. I can't eat the stuff raw, but I love it roasted!

    Sorry about your babies. :(

    We must get together soon as I could make the exact same confession. Would love to hear about what your doctors have told you. Mine are baffled.

  2. Hi Justine - I love your blog! I'm just now scrolling through some of your eats, and taking notes:) Chili-topped sweet potatoes is just one of your ideas that I'm going to have to try. Yum!

  3. SO cool that you are growing your own things! everything placed under my care is likely to die, so i've never tried to grow even a flower. blah. jealous!

    dont even think about feeling bad for getting the extra discount at the store! i do that ALL THE TIME! I've been known to go through the self-check out and use the produce code for regular apples when i'm actually buying organic. I guess that could be sort of wrong to do haha but really, paying $1.50 for one apple is outrageous. you cant argue with saving $12!

  4. Okay, all those with MIA periods, say holla!

    I clearly have no problem reproducing, though, so go figure!

    I noticed that you were late in posting ;) Silly you.


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