Saturday, March 28, 2009

*Bittersweet* Dark Chocloate Puddin Shake

Yesterday, was a long day of shopping! After I made a healthier, modified version of my Moms Lasagna for dinner, upon request of the man, my mother and I decided to hit a few stores. My goal was to find a plate that was not only pleasing to the eye but also big enough to hold the humongo salads that I eat. I have to say Mission accomplished!! :)
Thank you World Market! Well, you know I had to test it out so when I arrived back home I made a humongo salad in a toasted la tortilla factory shell ( I know I am getting a little link crazy aren't I)?
On the side I toasted up a Spinach flatout wrap for dipping. *Little tip here* when you toast a flatout wrap they turn out exactly like crunchy tortilla chips. I recommend everyone trying it!

My mom fell asleep with the little who passed out watching cartoons in her tutu and bikini...
(excuse the mess)

This morning was my first day at the YMCA but it was a little bittersweet for 2 reasons. One, I will miss all the sweet old people at my other gym and two, I only paid $25 a year at the old gym. Ya, that's right I gave up $25 a YEAR to pay double that a month at the Y. TVs on the cardio equipment definitely make up for it though. hehe!! My workout was fab and I was excited to get some time in on a little thing I like to call the gauntlet.
When I got home I was excited for my Dark Chocolate Puddin Shake. Before I left I made some dark chocolate agar pudding except this time I used chocolate almond milk and put in the fridge to set while I was gone. When I got home I threw it in the blender with some honey, cottage cheese and a frozen nana. I also threw in some ice cubes.
I topped it with some crushed up Cinnamon Life Cereal. The result was super yummy!!! Dark Chocolate Puddin shakes are here to stay!!

CONFESSION ON THE DAY: I have a sex tape out....



....JUST KIDDING!!!!! haha
really though, I think Kim Kardashian is hot!! Angelina is still my fav though!!! Any girl crushes out there???


  1. I just printed your recipe for the chocolate pudding shake, it seriously sounds wonderful!!! I need to pick up some agar flakes, but you said you found them at Whole Foods right??? I'll let you know when I try it!! YUM!!!!

  2. I heard world's market is closing down? is that true?
    yummy choc pudding shake! I could use a nice cold glass right now...

  3. that shake looks divine!! wow!

    i have a major girl crush on reese witherspoon. love her.

  4. Justine!! Thanks for the recommendation of blended oats... how exactly do you make them?

  5. Hi Justine! Love your blog - frequent reader - I have just started my own blog adventure - love for yout to check it out! You cracked me up with the girl crush. I am totally with you on that! Mine is Julianne Hough. Dancing with the stars is my fav.

  6. thanks for the comment!
    btw, my girl crush = catherine zeta-jones. I think she's the most beautiful woman. and also kate hudson, because I think she's adorable!


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