Monday, March 9, 2009

In A Funk

Ok, I am pretty sure its official (although it could be the time change). I just did not want to go to the gym today! After I was all dressed and ready I stood in the kitchen for like 5 min. contemplating going back to bed. Then I got in the car and did the same thing. I made it there but I was not very enthused. I actually ran longer today because I was dreading going in the weight room! I got in there did a few upper body exercises and left without even working up a good sweat. My whole body is just sore and I think I need a few days off. This has happened to me before and usually after a few days off I am dying to get back in there. So I am going to try and last until Fri. with no gym. We shall see if I prevail.

Going back to the weekend. Friday, I went golfing with the family and it was such a beautiful day and I had a great time! I ate breakfast and a snack before leaving so I packed lunch and a snack because I knew we'd be there till late. For lunch I packed a chicken sandwich on sandwich thins with spinach, tomato, and mustard and also a pear. For a snack later I had part of a carrot cake cliff bar.

Here is me and mi madre.

My two lovely aunts. (don't know why this is underlined and I cant get it to go away!!)

And us girls all together. There was also a 4 some of men but no pics of them.
Saturday morning I got up and hit the gym with a full body workout. Then I came home and cleaned and got ready for my hair appointment and to go see my 3 nieces play high school softball. Isn't it cute they are all on the same team! I found this pic on the camera so I am assuming it was my lunch. Accompanying it was half a sweet potato.

and this was my before dinner snack. I finally tried Heathers raw frosting. I think I put in a little to much cocoa powder. It was a little bitter, and instead of honey I used vanilla stevia. Still good though! I served it up on a ww low carb tortilla.When I got back from watching softball and getting my hair did it was time to get ready for the night. While I was getting ready the little came in my bathroom and said to me "mom I cant stop starring at you because you look so beautiful", it made my night! First, it was off to a cub scout ceremony for the mans little brother aka the brother in law. haha. Its funny to me that my brother in law is only like 8 or something. Here is the the man and him and the back of the little ones head.

My beautiful mother in law! (kinda of a bad pic but she is still beautiful)
The little one being sweet.Me before we left. (you can see my pull up bar in the door way)
After we left the cub scout thing we went to drop off the little one and headed off to a B-day party where I had entirely to much to drink! It was like a reunion there. All kinds of people I hadn't seen in years! I had a lot of fun though! The last thing I remember was eating the birthday girls 4 foot long cake right out the box!! The next morning there was frosting all over my sweater! LOL!! I didn't really drink tons but because of the fact that I drink maybe once a month if that it really hit me hard. Gotta let loose sometimes right?

Back to today for a min. because I want to share my latest pancake obsession. I ate this for a snack. I have posted it before I think but its a must try. 1/3 cup oatmeal (dry), 1/2 lactose free cc (any cc will do), 3 egg whites, vanilla stevia, and cinnamon. Blended until smooth and then cooked like pancakes. I topped them with my fake pb (better n butter), and some ff whiped cream. Delish!!!

All warm and melty..Sorry, one more. MMmmmm
CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I have really been slacking on house work the last week. I have piles of laundry, a crusty kitchen, and muddy cat foot prints all over the wood floor. Blah :(. Guess thats on the agenda for this week.

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  1. mmm those pancakey things look sooo good!

    & everyone looks so cute in their golf gear. i love moms :)


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