Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whats The Deal People??

Ok, whats the deal? I haven't gotten one comment since I changed my template. Is it that ugly?

On to last nights dinner. I made some simple baked chicken nuggets and baked asparagus. Also, for the man and little one I made some mashed red potatoes that I whipped up in the blender. I am so addicted to my blender! Its probably going to blow up soon because I use it so much. The man kept raving about the potatoes. It had to be that I blended them because I didn't do anything else different. The blender just gave them a great texture.
This is my plate. I skipped out on the carbs and opted for a romaine salad. Later for a snack I put 3 egg whites in pan and topped with thinly sliced pear and cinnamon and cooked like an omelet. When finished I added a little scoop of Better n Butter and homemade hazelnut almond butter. Tasted so good! The Better N Butter mixed with the pear tasted just like caramel. I felt like I was eating a caramelized pear crepe. Next time I am going to roll it up and top with whip cream to make it all pretty.
Yesterday ended up being a good day. I had cravings but I snacked on celery and carrots to keep me from eating my body weight in chocolate and peanut butter. An over all success!

Today is officially the 3rd day with no gym. I am getting a little ansy but I am going to enjoy my time off because I will up bright (or dark actually) and early tomorrow to go. I think these few days have been very beneficial. Everyone needs some time off. Its all about balance, remember?
For brekkie I cooked some chicken scrambled eggs, and some blended cocoa Irish oats. There in back ground is my favorite salsa. I almost cant eat eggs with out it.
Yes, I know, my bowl is chipped.

Snack was pretty much my favorite thing ever! Acorn squash baked with cinnamon and then filled with cottage and peanut butter.
I ran to the store to pick up some stuff I really didn't need and then came home starving and had some leftovers from last night. I also had an apple in the car and a piece of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel toast on the side with lunch. Honestly I don't know what is with the weather here! It has been freezing raining (does that make sense?) here all morning and when I got home it started snowing really hard with the biggest snow flakes I think I have ever seen. I tried to take a pic but it obviously doesn't do them any justice. Lets I think now I am going to experiment making whole wheat tortillas. Or go to the mall. HMmmmmmm....

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I am a chronic returner of clothes. I buy stuff and always leave the tags on. I might even wear it once before returning the item. I think I just change my mind a lot. I am so indecisive its ridiculous!! Its like I buy something and a few days later I see something I like better and then I the returning or exchanging. I guess I feel like I am saving money or something...IDK????

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OMG!!!! Did you see the Breakfast cookie on Better today. This lady says she invented it 17 years ago. Sorry Gina.....I am sure Gina's are much healthier!!!


  1. Chipped bowl? Who would even notice, with such yumminess inside?! :)

  2. No, no your template is beautiful...I love it! I'm just so behind on comments that I haven't gotten to see it yet..until now. Sorry. :)

    I ran to the store to pick up some stuff I really didn't need - Ha. So me!

    So I guess you are still eating the lactose free cc? Dang it - I was just at Publix this morning. That's where you said you got it right? I'm definitely going to get some soon as I LOVE cottage cheese in and on everything.

    Nashville's weather is totally bizarre. Pear omelet - love you!

    Looking forward to lunch!

  3. Yea! I finally figured out how to comment on your page! I LOVE acorn squash, but usually eat it in a savory way...I really like the idea of cinnamon and PB with it.

    You have me craving asparagus with your pics! I love it!

  4. I just discovered your blog! Love it! Im going thru your older posts & getting some great ideas for meals! How do you make your asparagus- that looks awesome!


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