Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Theme Of The Day: Mediterranean

I woke up early yesterday morning because I was excited about Heather and I's lunch date (I know I am such a little kid). This time I skipped my morning snack to have more room for lunch and I was absolutely starving when I arrived. I had been stalking the menu online so I pretty much knew what I wanted when I got there. We started of with the hummus bar. Our two toppings were roasted garlic and pine nuts. Thank goodness I ordered the oil and tahini on the side cause there was tons of it!
We also asked for ww pita bread instead of white.
I ordered the Mediterranean chicken sandwich and didn't realize she would bring it in white pita instead of ww but it was ok because I just took out the sandwich filling and put it in our extra ww pitas. It was very yummy!!
Here's sweetie pie Heather...Here's white pita that I left..
I am not even gonna lie (ask Heather), I really pigged out. I probably ate 5 or 6 whole pitas and over half the hummus. Its ok though because it was a treat. I rarely eat out! I love this restaurant and its definitely the best around this area! If you ever around Nashville I recommend checking it out. I had such a good time with Heather but I always forget things that I really want to ask her because we get so caught up in talking about our eating habits!! Hahaha.

Here we are at the health food/office supply store...(don't ask)
Heather, I am already excited about our dinner date!!!

I really wasn't that hungry the rest of the night but I did manage to throw together a random salad..
Going with the theme of the day I used this dressing that I recently found at Publix. Im hooked...Good stats and no fake junk...I also had a handful of pb puffins and some peanut butter.

This morning I hit up the gym with a pretty good full body workout. I am now officially addicted to full body workouts! No big plans for this rainy, dreary Wednesday.

Check out this email I received about making protein shakes:
Turn Your Protein Shake Into A Super Shake

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I think I have a bladder the size of a dime. I probably go pee about 15 times a day and I also get up twice just about every night. Whats the deal???????


  1. What a fun lunch date! I LOVE Mediterranean and Greek food! Authentic hummus, yum!

    I'm with you on your confession of the day. I hate getting up in the middle of the night to pee, but it always happens to me and then I can't fall back asleep!

  2. I agree with the confession! If I drink enough throughout the day I am going to the bathroom so often.

    I had no idea you could order hummus with the oil and tahini on the side - that's a great idea. Recently I've been addicted to whole wheat pitas too... really good.

  3. my daughter and I love hummus - any kind, it doesn't matter. We are totally out though, I ate the rest at lunch today!

    glad you had a fun day out!

  4. looks like you guys had a fab time! hummus with pita is totally irresistible, I can't blame you for pigging out!

    i have the same bladder problem! I pee ALLLLLL the time! like, it isn't normal haha. who knows what it is..... at least we know we are probably well hydrated!

  5. Justine,
    You're so cute. I had so much fun at our lunch date as well. Seriously, can't believe we've only known each other a week or so...feels like ages! I'll talk to Chris tonight about our double date. We went out to eat last night, and I feel like I need to detox today. Why do restaurants saturate everything in butter and heavy sauces?!? I'll try and think of some healthy spots for our dinner!

    I pee at least once if not twice in the middle of the night. Thankfully, I have no problem going back to bed.

    Is that raw kale on your salad? I cannot eat it raw. To bitter and chewy for my taste...must be in chip form. :)

  6. I just found your blog from sweet Heather! It's so cute!!!! I have to agree that I pee ALL The time! I got up twice last night! I drink a lot of water though, so that could be the culprit! I'm willing to sacrifice a zillion potty breaks to get enough H2O. Have a great day!

  7. Hey Heather,
    Glad you had fun on date night! Yes, the kale is raw! I didnt use a lot though just a few pieces.

    So glad I am not the only one that uses the bathroom so much. Especially in the night. I feel much more normal now!



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