Friday, March 27, 2009

Watch Out Grocers Here I Come!!!!

This morning at the gym an older man came up to me and asked how many days a week I workout. I told him 4 and what he said really made my day (besides winning Gina's macaroons) he said "wow! you really give it your all, you work hard when your in here. Everyone should work as hard as you". What a great compliment :). Brekkie was a little different than normal because we literally had no food. I really enjoyed it though. The blended grains were extra special today because I added almond extract to mix. What a great idea me! I also had the last of my lactose free cottage cheese with salt, pepper and tomato and the last 3 egg whites.
After scraping together what was left in the house for breakfast I decided to do some major damage at the grocery stores (yes, plural) because today was PAYDAY (thanks babe)! My list was longer than....(insert me trying to think of a cool analogy like Sarah). Ok just imagine something funny. Anyway, I started off at Kroger then came home for a snack. I made a shake but it looked like poo so no pics, it also tasted like poo. Then it was off to Publix and then Wal Mart. Why cant one place carry everything I need? I did some serious damage shopping. Lets see how long it takes me to go back. When we got home it was past time for lunch. I was starving and threw together a quick salad. I went to shake the dressing and the lid wasnt on. NOT GOOD! Then when I poured the dressing and it came out in a flood. NOT GOOD!
Can you see all the leftover? Ugh!

Now that I have stock piled on the groceries I have lots of yummy recipes in the making. Including a tropical sorbet, healthy cheddar muffins and a spinach fritatta. Yum, Yum.

Have an awesome weekend!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY:I feel so lazy sitting while on the computer so I wrote this whole post standing just so I could burn more calories :). You burn 50% more standing than sitting you know? :)

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  1. I am jealous of your macaroon win!!!

  2. :( The salad picture *looked* so good.

    Awwwww thanks for the shout-outs!

    And almond extract rocks (as does vanilla hehe)

  3. o0o0 blogging standing up?! youre so fit.

    yummmmm to that breakfast :) perfect combo. mm mm mm.

  4. mm fabulous eats :D


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