Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pizza Party!!!

I have a had a fun but busy weekend so I will just try and drop some highlights.

Friday was gym day and I had a great workout! The little one and I ate brekkie and quickly got ready for the day and headed to Opry Mills Mall. I did a little shopping and she added another stuffed animal to her nightly entourage. She got it at Build A Bear Workshop and we used a gift card that she got for her birthday last May (shhh don't tell her we've had it that long).
Yes, you saw right. That is a unicorn wearing underwear. Don't ask me??? After a fun filled day of shopping I felt I needed a yummy treat after dinner (there is a exercise involved in shopping you know). I have had dessert oats in the past but gave them up probably a year ago due to fear of carbs at night. Anyway, I was inspired by Heather with her Key Lime Pie A La Mode Oats to reintroduce them. Sarah's nightly snack plates also helped with my carb fear. I decided to make a nice warm bowl of No Pudge Fudge Brownie Oats A La Mode.
This recipe was spot on! I ll try and remember what I threw in. 1/3 cup oat bran, mixed dry with 1Tbsp. No Pudge Fudge Brownie mix, and about 1/2 to 1Tbsp dark chocolate cocoa powder. Then I added water and nuked for a few. Next I added some liquid egg white (gotta have that protein) and sweetener (I used vanilla and dark chocolate stevia). Nuked some more and then added whipped cream. It tasted just like the No Pudge Fudge Brownie but much more fulfilling! I got a thumbs up from the man and the little one.

Saturday morning I went to the gym and came home to the man fast at work on my raised bed garden.
I cant wait to get some veggies in there! Later that evening The mans mom and stepdad came to drop off his little brother to stay over. I made individual pizzas for everyone using this recipe. I didn't have wheat germ so I substituted equal parts flax meal. The crust turned out perfect! I will never buy another one again! I really like the fact that you can control the thickness and crispiness. Here's some rolled out before I cooked it.
I cooked the crust alone first, then topped it and cooked again. Here the kids pizzas..

and here is mine (in the front) and the mans (in the back)...
Mine was more of a thin crust and it was so nice and crispy!

This morning I made ww french toast and eggs for everyone (I ate eggs and oats). Now I have to try and entertain the kids and hopefully get some stuff planted in my garden.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I hate washing dishes so much that I try and use the same utensils and dishes all day. I even try to make the man and little one do the same. It also saves water. We don't have recycle pick up here so I do my own form by reusing plastic bags, tin foil, plastic wrap etc. I also try and use a dish towel most of the day for my hands and messes instead of paper towels. I have reusable shopping bags but I sometimes forget them so I use the plastic bags as trash bags in my bathrooms. I also recycle my styrofoam egg cartons and the local Publix store. Little things make big difference!!!!! (for some reason this last part wont turn green???)

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  1. i really love this blog & your confessions at the end. haha
    i acutally love doing dishes. im a weird child. haha
    delicious eats!

  2. Justine,
    I'm the same way with dishes. I re-use all day. Can't quite get Chris to join on me on that one. I swear he goes through our entire knife collection in one day!

    Those dessert oats look out of this world, and I loved your pizza. I'm about to check out that crust recipe.

    How fun you're growing your own veggies. I hereby declare myself open to any garden overflow :) One too may vegetables? Send 'em my way!

    Oh, and in regards to your last post...I wear a size 10 shoe as well, and my running shoes are all 10.5! I figure it's better to have bigger than average feet because it's usually pretty easy to find a size 10 when they're all sold out of 7's and 8's. :)

  3. ahhh, daughter is so cute!! it could be much worse than the panty-wearing unicorn.... when I was little, I had a scary chucky-looking doll I named Horsra-Judy. my mom threw her in a bonfire one night while I was asleep in order to get rid of her haha. awful!

    little things DO make a big difference with recycling and such! plus washing dishes is just gross. i've never done it. whenever I see different bits of food mixed together I want to throw up. blahhh gross.

    i looooove your chocolatey grainy creation!! come be my chef? :)

  4. Kailey, Please let me know your parents secret to making you like to do dishes so I can instill it in my little one!! haha. I think its great you eat so healthy at such a young age. I do my hardest to instill good eating habits in my 3 teenage nieces.

    Heather, I pretty much control the little ones dish usage but the mans is outta control! It drives me crazy! I will get utensils out for him at dinner and he will get more. My mom and you have officially called dibs on my garden overflow (its very possible that it may just be weeds). You wear a 10? Really? I am so checking out your feet on Tuesday. LOL!

    Megan, Thanks. I think shes pretty darn cute myself! Your doll story is hilarious! I was LOL!!!! I was exactly like you with dishes until I got married. Never did a dish until I said my vows! Funny how people change.


  5. Megan, Ill be your chef if you'll be my plastic surgeon. Deal?



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