Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Day Another Nickel

Title really has nothing to do with today but my 3 year old announced the phrase to me this morning upon waking. I thought it deserved some notoriety. Lets see where did I leave off..??

For dinner last night I cooked up some quick turkey chili thanks to Chili-O mix. Love that stuff. My lovies ate that and I just had some plain turkey with tomatoes that I reserved on the side be honest I cant remember what else I ate with it. A little later I snacked on this protein crepe which consisted of 3 egg whites, half scoop vanilla pp, stevia, and cinnamon, blended very well then fried up like crepe. I then added some peanut butter to the warm deliciousness. Yum!

Disclaimer: Not all protein powders work in this recipe so beware. You may end up with a rubber flying disk.
Oh ya, I had another large salad with dinner and a half of a low carb ww tortilla.

This morning was leg day. I was dyin this morning. I almost cried at the gym! I don't know if it was because my workout was so intense or if it was hormones. Either way it was a first. After I returned home and ate some oat bran and eggs I felt much better. I was shocked when I checked on my brussel sprouts. Those babies are like Jack and Bean Stalk. Check em out...this is 24 hour period...

Maybe its just shocking to me since I have never grown anything before?

Did my usual run to take the little one to gymnastics (which she now claims to wanna replace with karate) and then ran home for a snacky. Banana with 1 1/2 tbsp. pb and 2 nuked egg whites.
Then out to finish lamp shopping. I actually found one at my first stop. It had a decent price as well. Glad to get that out of the way. I also stopped to pick up some lactaid. I have been havin some real bad stomach problems for some time now and I figure the culprit either has to be, dairy, protein powder, of artificial sweeteners. I still have some cottage cheese and some fage in the fridge that I cant let go to waste! For lunch I whipped up something quick with the left over chili. We'll call it a chili burrito. It was very satisfying. Whole wheat tortilla from Whole Foods, bed of spinach, turkey chili, and steamed asparagus..Rolled up and cut in 2

So, I am completely unbiased when it comes to eating meat and not eating meat but the debate is never ending and I find it to be a pretty interesting one. I came across these articles from some emails I get so I thought Id share. Enjoy.

Meat: Good For Us or Disease Waiting to Happen?

Can Vegetarians Build Muscle?

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I don't feel like I play enough with my daughter. :(


  1. I love reading about the protein debate - thanks for the links. Beautiful chili wrap, and I love the idea of that crepe. So simple. I hope my protein powder works.

    I am so excited for your Brussel sprouts. I once tried to grow basil and it died. Definitely did not inherit my Mom's green thumb!

    Have a good day Justine!

  2. PS - I can't get the link to the 2nd article to work. :(

  3. What kind of pp do you have? Thanks for letting me know about the link. I think I fixed it. Dont be fooled by all the muscley men on the page. There is some really good info. and advice on this site.


  4. The sprouts are so cool, I want to buy a sprouter myself!

  5. Justine-
    How am I just now seeing your blog? I LOVE PB! I LOVE OATS!

    Do you happen to know if Whole Foods' Vanilla Soy Protein Powder will work in that delicious protein crepe?

    Thanks and I'm so glad I found your blog (a la Heather)! :)

  6. Thanx, PB&J (is it ok if I call you that?) :). I have never tried soy powder so I am not sure. Sorry :(. You could just try a little sample though by using like 2 egg whites and half to whole scoop of the powder. Let me know if you try it.


  7. Two things:
    1) my husband is growing little starters of various plants and everyday is showing me his little pots and saying, "Look how much they have grown!"

    2) Guilt about playing w/daughter--when Livy was born I felt so guilty about not playing with Gracie, that I finally set aside some time to play with her and excitedly said, "Gracie! What do you want to play?" She said, "Mama, you play by yourself. I'll play by myself." Spare yourself the guilt, girl, I'm sure she doesn't care ;)

  8. Haha. Thats hilarious!! Sounds just like something my little one would say.

    I swear those suckers grow like nutin I ve ever seen!!!


  9. yous are dumb he saw that on spongebob....
    "another day another nickel.


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