Saturday, April 18, 2009


Ok, so I have been MIA for a bit but I have a good excuse because yesterday was my mans BIRFDAY!! Brace yourself because I have a lot of pics to recap yesterdays (and early this mornings) events.

I got to sleep in yesterday because the little one stayed the night with Granny and Grandpa. When I got up I had a tough decision ahead of me...."Which sausage should I try first"??
This was just some of the loot I picked up from Trader Joes on my fun day with sweet sweet Heather. (Not pictured are also 2 more packages of opened sausages in my fridge). Do you think my sausage liking is getting a little out of control? What can I say I like sausage and they are good replacement for eggs. (Sarah, if your reading this I know what your thinking you dirty girl). I chose the Mushroom and Asiago with a bowl of blended oat groats. It was all so delish!!!
After breakfast it felt good to lounge around and not have to get the little one up and running. I soon got ready and hit up the gym for a "Cardio Weights" class. It wasn't what I expected. I was a little disappointed but did work up a good sweat. To many dance like moves for me and I am just not into that. When I got home I made a shake with some more of the loot from mine and Heathers fun day.
Not so sure about coconut water alone. Kinda tasted like dirty feet but the frozen banana jazzed it up.

Later the little one and I went to work on the cake. I really wanted to make a scratch cake but I haven't had much luck with scratch yellow cakes in the past so I went for the safe route (thanks Betty Crocker) and decided to make my own Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting. Recipe found here. It called for a whole pound of sugar and somebody was excited about that....
Yes, we are enjoying the fruits of our labor straight from the bowl :)
Look how beautiful and perfect it looks...*Tip if you make this, don't add any milk* I did and I wish I would not have but it was still amazing!!!! This is now my go to frosting recipe!!! I am by no means an artist but this was the final product. The little one insisted on the heart.....
...and putting the candles on. The birfday boy lighting his own candles with the torch....Sadly my camera then died so no closeups of the inside of the cake but take my word for it Betty Crocker and my jazzed up frosting did not disappoint!!!

After leaving the little one once again with some grandparents we got ready for our night out. We hit a new restaurant in downtown Nashville that I had seen out the day before, Catina Laredo. When we got there they informed us that they hadn't even really opened to the public yet that it was just a practice run and everything including drinks was half off. SCORE!!! They welcomed us in and we were excited about the deal we found.

Guac made fresh at your table...
Poor waiter was so nervous. It was his first time making it. Finished product...
Some of the goods...
Margarita for me, Blue moon for the Birfday boy. I was so full from chips and guac (and cake) I didn't order a meal but the man got a sampler platter and as said by the name of course I sampled :).
Starting from the right, stuffed pepper, tamale (good but not like my grandmas), stuffed chicken thing covered in sour cream sauce, rice, beef taco, yum!!!

From there we went to the famous Tootsies for some live music and more drinks. Then from there we went to Paradise Park (so classy)...
The band there is AMAZING and every time I go I want to stay until they kick me out!! I had way to much fun and waaaayyyyy to much to drink. Just have a look for yourselves....
I am currently recovering.......

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: Sometimes I wear my sports bras like 5 times before washing them. Don't judge.......


  1. Oh, it's not just Sarah coming up with zingers about the sausages!

    Blue Moon and guacamole = YUM! That cake looks fantastic! Sounds like a great night!!

  2. Haha - great confession.. I do the same too (is that really wrong??) I figure its gonna get sweaty and dirty either way. Might as well save some water!!

    Also, beautiful cake!! Yum yum.

    In answer to your question, I try to eat around 2000 calories a day. I try not to count but I find myself working out rough numbers for my meals in my head. That said, when I go waaaay over (at least once a month) I try not to be hard on myself and reason its good for my metabolism. I'm a bit weird - I actually find it harder to justify eating a little bit of crap food (e.g. white bread, chocolate) than I do eating a lot of good whole food. Do you count or do the intuitive thing?

  3. Just wanted to say hello!! I'm English but live in France and stumbled accross your blog one day. I LOVE reading it. Your food always looks amazing..I wish I lived in get so many cool products over there which I can't get my hands on.
    Anyway, just a hello =] x

  4. Justine,
    OMG - that frosting looked straight like a bowl of delicious pudding, and I want to dive right in!!! Cake looks like it turned out fabulous, and 1/2 off of that Mexican place?!? Shoot, wish I would have known as Chris and I ended up going out for date night on Friday. That sampler platter looked amazing. Gosh, cheese - I will miss you. Thank goodness for guac!

    My sausage tasted kind of weird - like it had anise in it or something...I swear there were hints of licorice. I bet the mushroom Asagio taste better.

    Love the pics of you and Little One. Coconut water better in smoothie - thanks for the tip as I haven't tried mine yet.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. :)

  5. happy birthday husband!! the cake looks fabbbbb :)

    you are so hardcore!! tongue out and all! recovery from a night like that is such a biotch, but wellll worth it :)

  6. i love homemade cakes...yours is adorable!

    nice score on the mexican restaurant!!!! all the food looks great! especially that huge bowl of guacamole....YUM!!!!

    i do that with my sports bras, too....and my socks. hope that's not TMI...

  7. Glad you had a great time!!
    and that restaurant seems authentic. I'm mexican and i can't help but get sooo angry when i see american restaurants trying to do mexican food and failing awfully!!
    i hope the food was good!

  8. Happy late bday to your hubby!!! Looks like you two had a blast!! I love Tootsie's... haven't been there in a while! We always seem to end up at Roberts not too far down...

    I bought the Italian sausage on Friday! I haven't tried it out as of yet... might be tonight or tomorrow night... but can't wait to hear your reviews of them all! I stood there forever deciding between everything!!!

    I am hoping to head back today to pick up some cashews and dried pineapple... make some good trail mix baggies to take with the hubby and i for snacks in vegas this week! woohoo! :)

  9. Haha, I wore a tshirt to the gym today...I should have washed it before leaving the apt. But, at least I worked out RIGHT??

    You're Hilarious.

  10. happy late bday to your man! looks like so much fun :D love mexican food with all of my soul
    hope you have a great night!


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