Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stuffed Portobellos

Yesterday, was pretty uneventful except for dinner but I am going to start with my afternoon snack. First up was some sort of dark chocolate cottage cheese mixture...

I honestly don't think I could go a day without chocolate!! Next up was a toasted flaout wrap with my favorite salsa...

For dinner I was previously inspired by this post from Maggie over at Say Yes To Salad. I have had portobellos many times before and love them but have never made them myself. I decided to make Sausage Stuffed Portobellos using my new favorite "sausage".
My plate...

Close up...

I also had 3 egg whites(I haven't had eggs in about 2 weeks) stuffed with the rest of my sausage mixture and some broccoli. My stomach was really bothering me after dinner and I think I now know where my stomach issues were coming from, EGGS!! So weird!! The man had whole grilled sausage dogs and sugar snap peas...

Now for how I made the Sausage Stuffed Portobellos (its not really a recipe I just kinda threw it together).First, I marinated the mushrooms with some balsamic vinegar, low sodium soy sauce and a no calorie spray marinade I have. The hubby threw them on the grill while I chopped up this all natural chicken sausage with some onion and garlic and sauteed in a pan adding some spinach leaves and red pepper flakes at the end. So easy and by far the best dinner I have had in a while!! I loved it and its so easy to change up and add lots of different things. I know it would have been great topped with a slice of part skim mozzarella. I miss dairy :(!!

I went to the gym this morning and only did a little cardio and an upper body workout. My knees have really been bothering me!! There is pain in the back of one and it almost feels like it is going to just pop or give out. Ugh!! I guess I will have to take it easy for a few :(.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I refuse to change our cats litter box!! I make my husband do it every morning :).


  1. I'm glad you liked the recipe! I love portobellos :) Bobby cleans our litter box too, but I have to nag him so much that I might as well do it myself... but it's just too gross.

  2. Mmmm shroomies!! Love 'em! Ew, I never did the kitty litter thing when we had a cat - I'm not sticking my hands in there!

  3. Hi! I just *stumbled across your blog, i really like it! especially your confession of the day! hehe! hope your having a great wednesday!

  4. Those portobellos look awesome!!!!
    what kind of sausage is that?

  5. That cottage cheese looks soooo good. What did you put in it?? And the Portobellos look great too. You're such a talented lady!


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