Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mr. Jay Robb & Chocolate Balls

First, just let me say Sarah, Mr. Jay Robb has been foolin around on you!! I just received a friend request from him on facebook also. Haha, I love it and I was so excited to hear from Heather that he is coming out with a new Brown Rice Protein Powder. Mr. Jay Robb himself told me this

"Hi there Justine! Great to hear from you. Yes, we are indeed coming out with a brown rice protein; it should be available in early May and will be available in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry! I would be delighted if you featured it on your blog! Best, Jay."
Thanks for the info. Jay!! Cant wait to try it!!

Anyway, back to yesterday. Lunch was so exciting that I cant even remember what I had. After I ate I took the little one to the park to try and stay out of the fridge. It was such a beautiful day and all the flowers and trees were in full bloom.
When we got home I tended to my garden until it was time for dinner at my new favorite restaurant, Cafe Rakka. Appetizer was hummus bar with sauteed onions and garlic and below that is the tabbouleh...

I ordered the Salmon which came with a salad, wheat bulgur and ww pita...
My man and my momma got the Chicken on the Sajj...
My dad is the only one who didn't like his meal surprisingly. He ordered some kind of shrimp that was on special...
I ate a lot and border line over did it. I probably ate a little over half my plate but I ate tons of hummus and buckets of the fresh, soft, warm pita!!

When we got home I took this pic of my kitty which turned out kinda strange so I thought Id share...
I feel like he is going to beam me up somewhere with his eyes. Strange.....

This morning I felt a little guilt from last nights dinner so I did something I rarely do, run. I actually did 4 miles on various machines this morning at the Y. When I arrived home there was an incident with a hair band and my little ones wrist. Apparently it was a lot to tight and she slept with it on all night. Here hand was swollen like 3 times size of the other one. I freaked out but after all the commotion I had settled down to some dark chocolate oats
and some cottage cheese with peanut butter
They were flirting and ended up in the same bowl...
After a quick run the doctor for the little one wrist to ease my mind I came home and made some snackies...
Toasted flatout, Green Pea Guac, turkey bacon and some Chocolate Protein Peanut Butter Balls that I threw together out of no where. they ended up being really yummy!
I just threw together a tbsp of peanut butter and a tbsp of brown rice pp, added a little water and formed into balls. What a great treat! I cant wait to make Jay Robb balls. LOL! I have tons of Easter shopping to do now so TTYL!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I have been trying to avoid dairy but I slipped up last night with some yogurt based dressing they served with my salad. Man am I paying for it today!! I feel sorry for the man that was next to me on the treadmill!!!! hahahaha


  1. Jay Robb and I have an "open relationship."

    I do have to try those choc. PB protein treats!!!

    yours look amazing :)

  3. I make my own Chocolate Protein Peanut Butter Balls too - I like to roll them in some crushed nuts. Very yummy!

    I hope your little one is feeling better and good work on your run!

  4. Love the PB protein balls! What brand of protein powder do you use...(until you get hot sexy) I can't find one that I like. In regards to hummus at restaurants... I just can't control myself! When I order hummus I also order a side of "over full." At this point I have accepted it =)

  5. Haha you are hilarious. Jay Robb Balls.. yum!

  6. Justine,
    Love you so much. Gosh, your posts make me laugh. Love that you and Sexy Hot have gotten to know one another. I heard back from him yesterday - such a nice guy. I hope he's not offended that half the blog world now refers to him as "Sexy Hot" :)

    So sorry about Little one's wrist. Everything okay? Poor thing.

    LOVE the balls! So simple...genius! The oats and cottage cheese were flirting, huh? Yeah, I always thought cottage cheese was a bit on the slutty side.

    Hehe - I noticed someone once again dove into the hummus at Cafe Rakka before you could snap a picture. Your salmon looks so yum. That definitely needs to be our next dinner outing! Don't worry - NO ONE can resist warm whole wheat pita!

    OK, it's not even 7 AM and I'm about to make your hummus. So excited. Been wanting to make it forever, but kept forgetting and buying hummus in bulk at Costco. We're all out and by golly I'm want some Justine hummus waiting in my fridge when I get home for lunch today!

  7. That's it--I just friended Jay on facebook and hope he adds me so I can beg him to sell his stuff in England!
    Love your chocolate oats. I've been adding cocoa powder to my oat bran recently and love it, but I think Jay Robb chocoalte would be better, what do you think?!

  8. Those protein balls sound awesome!! Whenever I eat at Greek restaurants I'm always tempted just to get hummus as my meal - so, so good!

  9. I'm not usually a protein powder fan, but one made from brown rice? Sounds wonderful! Thanks for the tip.

  10. I am loving the protein balls!! Love them

  11. oh man. i would LOVE to eat jay robbs balls..i mean. ?


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