Monday, April 13, 2009

Hopping Down The Bunny Trail...

So yesterday I tried to go a little low carb until Easter dinner at my mom and dads at 4 because I planned on having a few treats. For a morning snack I made some of my Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls and some Strawberry Agar Icecream....They were flirting and know the story...Here are our finished eggs...
The little one modeling an egg and her new rock star scarf...
Me before heading off to fill my belly...When I got there I helped my mom finish preparing the food which included
  • Pineapple glazed pork tenderloin (turned out awesome)
  • Double pineapple sauce for the pork
  • Mixed steamed veggies (red potatoes, brussel sprouts, baby carrots, garlic)
  • Asparagus
  • Mashed sweet potatoes
  • Blondies (thanks VeggieGirl) Chocolate chip, walnut
  • Chocolate pudding pie
  • German chocolate pie
  • Fresh fruit
Here's some of the goods...blondies..I did good at dinner. This was my plate. I went back for a few more veggies and a few small pieces of the blondie.I was extremely full so we headed outside to play with the little one. My man and I also went for a walk to get my food down. When we got back my mom had set out the pies. It was not pretty after that!!! I ate way to much! Why cant I just be satisfied with a piece? Its so frustrating! Then we played my favorite game.

This morning I got up and headed to much needed gym session. I am so happy I upped my squat weight!! Must have been all that pie I ate yesterday. I was actually still full from yesterday so I decided to take it pretty low carb today. Breakfast was a flatout wrap with chicken sausage, mustard and spinach and a 1/2 cup cottage cheese with salt and pepper.
Not much new in food department and it will probably be Easter leftovers for tonight. I did however manage to preform some surgery today on the little one.
I know its kinda blurry but if you look closely you can see a large splinter on the middle toe. I sedated her with TONS of Easter candy and was able to pull that bad boy out...
My poor baby!!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter and didn't eat as much as I did!!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I always beat myself up after I over indulge. Anyone else?


  1. I have been experiencing over indulging for the past two weeks. I actually just posted about this on my blog earlier this morning. I also beat myself up after over indulging. Most of the time I am being irrational, but I hate that I treat myself that way!

  2. Those protein balls look so good as well as VG's blondies :) Can never go wrong with one of her dishes!!

    Sorry I haven't been commenting - my Reader screwed up your site when I put it in :(

  3. I usually beat my self up after overeating... but not yesterday! It felt good to indulge on a holiday.. = ) Those are the times when I really enjoy it. I just make sure I get my exercise in the day before and the day after.

  4. Thanks so much, Justine-I really appreciate it!I can completely relate to the "trance" that I get in when I have these "binges." I am able to recognize when I am full but I still feel that I "need" more food. I'm definitely up for e-mailing each other when we feel one of these trances coming up!

  5. LOVING the protein balls and blondies!! Thank you for the shout-out!! :-)

  6. Ugh, I beat myself up so much! And pie is always a trigger for me. I'm really glad that Bobby and I didn't do any kind of special food stuff for Easter this year (we didn't get together with anyone since our families are on the other coast). I have definitely overdone it on various pies on Easter and Thanksgiving A LOT. Like every year. Blah.

    Hope you feel better today!

  7. I totally over-endulged over Easter and I do feel really bad about it. It's irrational and unhelpful, but its my natural reaction.

    I just have to tell myself - I'll be good tomorrow.


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