Friday, April 24, 2009

Hey, Hey, Hey, Jay, Jay, Jay

Well, I am glad its Friday but for me its pretty much just another day for me. I hit the gyzzm this morning bright and early for an excellent workout. I then came home to try out another Mr. Sexy Hot (Jay Robb) Brown Rice Protein Powder flavor that the beautiful Heather sent me (thanks love!!). This time chocolate mixed with oat bran and blended.
The verdict....pretty good but tasted a lot like the one I already have, NutriBiotic. If I had to pick a winner thought it would definitely be Mr. Sexy Hot just because there is a picture of him on the packaging. LOL!! But really, the stats are also better on the Jay Robb. More protein and less cals is always a plus in my book!!

For my morning snack I broke out another sausage..

This time I ate it with mustard for dipping and on the side is a bowl of cottage cheese, pumpkin, peanut butter and cinnamon. The verdict...Pretty good. The Mushroom Asiago and the Al Fresco Sweet Italian are still my favs though!! The flavor wasn't very strong and I kinda just felt like I was eating a hot dog. The stats...

110 cals, 6g of fat, 11g protein and 3 carbs
After my snack I had to go finish up some cleaning at mi madres house. Kinda sucked since it is such a pretty day! I went fast and only took a break for luchie...Grilled chicken, butternut squash neck, and a broccoli slaw salad topped with a grilled portobello. I then ran home, changed and went to pick up my nieces to go to the park. I had to snap a pic of the little chicks they got for Easter...
Sweet but stinky!!

Its 90 here today (and my air in my car doesnt work) so when I got home from the park I was really cravin something to cool me off. What better of a time then now to try a new Brown Rice Protein Powder. This time...
Strawberry. I mixed it with some frozen strawberries, avocado, small chunk of banana, water and ice.
The verdict...Loved it!!! Jay Robb is there anything you make that I don't like?? I mean it still had that brown rice protein powder taste that I am pretty sure you cant fully hide but it was masked pretty well. I followed the shake with a flatout wrap stuffed with turkey bacon and peanut butter. Yum.
I was totally inspired by the wacky peanut butter combo page here.
Hope everyone has had a great start to their weekend!!!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I have really been in a rut with dinner lately!! Not just with recipes (I have plenty of those) I just haven't felt like cooking! I go through phases where I will have something different on the table every night for weeks straight and then all of a sudden I am slapping down grilled cheeses and and cereal bowls for the man and little one (I always eat something different).


  1. Double the pleasure, double the fun with Mr. Sexy Hot! I like the creations!!

    CC, pumpkin, PB, and cinnamon? I need to put this on the To Do list!

  2. Turkey bacon and peanut butter? That actually sounds really really good. Kinda like what Elvis used to eat? But healthier! Fun link too. Did you read the one about PB and miracle whip? That sounds weird.

    I'm in a food-making rut too. I can't be bothered making anything that takes effort lately.

  3. I bet the avocado made the smoothie extra thick & delicious! I'm going to have to try that.

  4. Your oat bran always looks like molten lava to me...haha, in a good way. What is your exact recipe?

    Oh, and I think turkey bacon and PB sounds like a delicious combo!

  5. i can not WAIT to get my hands on that jay robb!!!! (the powder and the man :))

    cute little chickies!


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